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10 Most Popular Countries for Hair Transplantation

For today, baldness is an acute problem, which is very difficult or impossible to avoid. Ecology, a wrong way of life, heredity, and stress persecute us every day. All this leads to the fact that this problem is not only for old men but also for younger people aged 20-25 years, as well as women. Fighting this disease with medicinal and other types of therapies is problematic. The only effective way is to eliminate alopecia with the hair transplantation. Demand creates an offer, and today hundreds and even thousands of clinics offering hair transplantation services have been opened all over the world.

The rising cost of health care in the West made many people think about medical services abroad. Medical procedures in Mexico, India, and Thailand are available at significantly lower prices. Therefore, you can perform such operations as bone replacement, heart surgery and hair transplantation at a high level but at a low cost. Among the listed operations, hair transplants have gained considerable popularity and relevance over the past few years.

Among all the countries there are 10 best ones, which have become very successful in hair transplantation and guarantee you the best result.

Mexico. Hair transplants in Mexico are a very popular procedure for both people in the country and visitors of the land because in Mexico patients can save up to seventeen percent of procedure price. Surgeons in Mexico pay great attention to the treatment of baldness, problems with hair loss and thinning of hair. These doctors use both FUE and FUT methods and are well trained in methods giving natural results for those who suffer from alopecia. In 2013, the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery reported that in Mexico more than 15,000 hair restoration procedures were performed.

Turkey. The number of people wishing to get hair transplantation procedure in Turkey has exploded. Highly qualified doctors, new medical equipment and procedures are in the first place in comparison with other countries. The attitude of doctors to patients is considered very caring and compassionate. Many services are provided for the comfort of people who came to the procedure of hair restoration. In many clinics, the FUE method is used for the desired results.

India. In recent years, India has also become very popular in the field of medical services, including hair transplantation. In this country, many men and women want to change their appearance, so they themselves became skilled in hair transplant.

Sweden. In Sweden, there are several clinics offering a hair transplant procedure for this beginner market. While the number of tourists entering the country for the procedure is small compared with patients who traveled from the United States to Mexico or Turkey, the domestic market is booming, and numerous clinics appear on the market to address this problem need.

The Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic also occupies a high and worthy place in the world where people often meet their needs for hair restoration, as it is not only a country of good medicine and quality service but also a beautiful island that makes your journey more beautiful. Over the past nine years, the flow of patients to this country has increased tenfold.

Thailand. Thailand is Asia’s leading country in medical tourism and service level and is also listed as one of the most popular places for hair transplantation. Thailand has gained popularity thanks to not only the huge number of private hospitals but also the qualified and inexpensive specialists offered in Thailand for the treatment of hair loss.

Costa Rica. Costa Rica is well-known throughout the world for its social service professionals and specialized doctors. Many patients go to Costa Rica in search of lower costs, better care, and highly qualified professionals.

Slovenia. This country is for those who want to be in the arms of beautiful nature. Slovenia provides an ideal and irreplaceable place for patients doing the hair transplant. The land, full of beautiful and green natural areas, is also home to many health resorts and clinics used for healing. Slovenia is very popular because of the very low prices for cosmetic and medical procedures. This country attracts more than 30,000 patients a year for these procedures.

Greece. The European market is strong for medical procedures, conducted mainly during the holidays. In 2013, 54,343 hair restoration operations were performed in Greece. If you need and look for the different and specialized procedures and methods used for hair transplant, then Greece is a good choice.

The Philippines. 7,101 islands enter this beautiful country, which is an excellent place for recreation and beauty. It is also called one of the most affordable hair transplants for surgery compared to the US and European tariffs for these procedures. In addition to reducing costs, the Philippines is a wonderful example of care for doctors who are trained in the best methods of hair loss and can offer patients services in a very short period of time from the time of their first consultation (unlike in other countries where patients can wait for an answer for a long time.)

On average, the cost of hair transplant surgery in European countries and America ranges from 5 to 9 US dollars per one graft, while in Thailand, Turkey, and India it can cost from 1 to 2 US dollars per graft. Thus, you can save about 80 percent of the total cost of hair transplant in foreign countries.




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  • Adrian

    May 3, 2020 at 2:22:59 pm


    Istanbul is one of the recommended places dor hair transplant. i am very interested with the topic and searshing for a trusted recommendation



  • Sami

    May 12, 2020 at 9:57:13 pm

    Some of my friends have had this experience. When the country borders open, I think of going too Turkey. Because hair transplantation is in the scope of health tourism, the prices are kept affordable in Turkey. Outside of Turkey the hair transplantation costs 3000, 4000, 5000 Euros, or even higher prices, however, in Turkey it costs around 1500 Euros almost half the price. This price includes accommodation at a hotel, transfer, medications, medical tests, and hair transplantation procedure.


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