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Every year more than one million breast enlargement operations are performed. For decades, breast augmentation led the list as the most popular and sought-after cosmetic surgery among women. The purpose of breast augmentation or any surgery on the breast is to improve the appearance of the female breast. For those women who have sagging breasts, she can choose a breast lift. For women with disproportionately large breasts, they can decide to reduce the breast. Regardless of the procedure, the results should create more aesthetically appealing breasts.

Breast augmentation involves the placement of a saline solution or a silicone implant to augment a small breast or to correct a deformed or asymmetric breast. Women who are going to make breast augmentation do not feel comfortable with small breasts or they do not like how their clothing and undergarments fit. For women who want to enlarge their breasts, it can increase the volume and shape of the breasts, improve the balance of the figure, and increase self-confidence. This is especially popular for new mothers who have recently completed breastfeeding and found that their breasts have lost shape or volume. Aging or significant weight loss can also influence the decision about the need for such an operation as breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is not recommended for women with heart disease, obesity, diabetes, or smokers, as this may increase the risk of complications during surgery and recovery.

On every continent, there is a country in which people travel for some cosmetic procedures to refresh their appearance and gain self-confidence. In search of plastic breast surgery at an affordable price, women choose foreign countries. This does not mean that the level of quality or the final result is worse, but it will be much cheaper than, for example, in the USA. The list of these countries is such:

Thailand. Bangkok is a well-known international health and transportation center and is becoming a regional center for entertainment, fashion, art, and of course, medical tourism. Breast augmentation in Thailand with the help of implants is considered the most proven and reliable method. Thailand uses the highest quality, round silicone gel implants, which can be textured or smooth. It should be noted that even the most famous doctors from all over the world recognize the high level of surgeons in Thailand.

Brazil. The most common form of plastic in Brazil can be considered an improvement in the shape of the breast. The reason is that one of the national features of the body structure of Africans is a shapeless sagging chest. Therefore, the country noted a surge in operations to reduce the size of the breast, while in other countries augmentation breast operations are prevalent. Brazil is also a very popular country for carrying out breast plastic surgeries for foreigners. This country is the world leader in the field of cosmetic, reconstructive, and plastic operations. Every year millions of breast cancer patients visit Brazil in search of quality treatment. Medical personnel in Brazil are fluent in English, making communication with the patient easier. In the case of need, the availability of interpreters is also common in accredited hospitals. Cosmetic surgery is popular and common in Brazil among both locals and guests.

Turkey. Nowadays, Turkey is one of the most interesting areas of plastic surgery in the world. All the newest methods of treatment and research available to humanity, minimal trauma of the intervention, any necessary modern equipment, friendly and attentive staff, the highest world level of training professors – this is what plastic surgery in Turkey gives you. The prices for operations and aesthetic procedures are always pleasantly surprising. In Turkey, surgeries such as breast augmentation with implants, breast lift, breast reduction, breast reconstruction after mastectomy are performed.

Mexico. Mexico is very close to the US and it brings to it year-round about more than 200,000 medical tourists. People who are looking for a natural result go to Mexico to have surgery from the hands of experienced surgeons. Surgeons in the country are able to perform various types of breast augmentation and breast reduction by the most advanced methods, keeping minimal scars.

 The Philippines. The Philippines has many qualified surgeon-cosmetologists specializing in rhinoplasty, facelifts, liposuction, abdominal lifts, and breast augmentation. Most of these operations cost only a small part of the cost in developed countries. People travel from all over the world to conduct cosmetic operations here. Most of the surgeons in the Philippines are considered the best in their field. Many packages of medical trips are now available for patients visiting the country, offering hospital and travel services that take care of everything: from visas, air tickets, transportation, accommodation, hospital expenses for treatment. Medical services include rheumatology, cardiology, knee replacement, cataract surgery, and bone marrow transplantation.

In addition to these countries, there are five other leading countries for breast enlargement abroad, such as Greece, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, and Hungary. Listed countries have a low cost of living than the United States of America or Great Britain, so people can save about 70%. For example, the highest-paid doctors in the European country (the Czech Republic) are about 14,000 pounds sterling a year, while in the UK the salary rises to 49,000 pounds sterling. Compared with other developed countries, the Czech Republic still has a low cost of living, including medicine. This means that even the most highly professional medical specialists expect much lower salaries, allowing services to remain accessible, and the quality remains high. The average cost of a silicone breast enlargement, when all is included can be around £ 2,300 including travel, assurance, transfer, and accommodation, while in the United Kingdom and the United States of America it is from £ 5,000.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular and demanded procedures all over the world. Many hospitals boast of advanced technology where implants are hand-held and biological, which ensures complete patient safety. Every year, millions of people go abroad. Some countries, such as Brazil, have tax incentives for such operations, which further reduces costs.

Despite the fact that many women decide to take this step alone, millions of people use the help of a medical travel company. It will give you everything from documents to transfer to the airport. Using a medical travel company, you can save valuable time in the decision-making process. Such services are not intermediaries, but rather serve as a resource, allowing you contact directly to the cosmetic surgeon or clinics that will answer your questions.




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