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Treatment abroad, which was available only to wealthy people ten years ago, is becoming more and more in demand today. Every year, about 30 million people around the world travel abroad for treatment, diagnosis, and rehabilitation. Most of these tourists are from the US. Over one and a half million Americans are sent every year to improve their health in foreign clinics. This growth is due to two reasons. First, the largest foreign clinics, attracting clients, provide discounts to patients from abroad, which makes treatment more accessible. Secondly, the market of agencies involved in the organization of treatment is developing. These companies take care of all negotiations with clinics and doctors, provide accompanying and translators.

In the leading foreign clinics, doctors treat a variety of diseases. Especially popular is the treatment of cancer. Many German, Korean and Israeli clinics have much better opportunities to fight cancer than other countries. Also popular is the treatment of infertility, in particular, the IVF method. Many medical tourists go abroad for the treatment of diseases of the heart, blood vessels, liver, and musculoskeletal system. Also worth mentioning is plastic surgery. For this, people usually go to Thailand, South Korea, or the US.

What is the difference in the abroad treatment for people?

The cost of treatment abroad is made up of the cost of medical services, accommodation, prices for visas, and air tickets. Of course, the level of prices depends both on the clinic itself and on the country in which it is located. The most expensive treatment is in the USA. The usual primary reception here can cost 100-300 dollars and it is only for consultation. Approximately the same level of prices is in Austria and Switzerland. However, in the rest of Europe, particularly in the Czech Republic and Germany, prices are already more affordable.




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