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The proportion and distribution of localized fat on female ankles and legs are genetically predetermined. Women who have a displeasing and disproportionate distribution of fat on their ankles and legs usually find that this fat is resistant to exercise and diet. The fat on the ankles and legs is made relatively or mainly of superficial fat. There are no difficult compartments of fat on the ankles and leg. Consequently, ankle liposuction UK is surely done rather superficially and has a grown risk of damage to the subdermal vascular plexus. Because of the influences of gravity, the veins in the ankles and legs are very sensitive to the long-term effects of the vascular damage.

The area behind the knee includes significant blood vessels and nerves that are vulnerable to damage by a liposuction cannula. Liposuction in this space should never be tried. After ankle liposuction UK, some swelling of the feet and ankles can be an irritating difficulty without the use of the open-drainage. With this open-drainage postoperative swelling is usually minimal and solves within several days.

Open drainage after ankle liposuction UK requires that the doctor make numerous tiny “adits” (from 1mm to 1.5 mm round cuts in the skin) on the ankles and lower leg. Adits promote full drainage of the residual blood-tinged tumescent anesthetic liquid, which in turn dramatically decreases bruising and swelling. Absorbent pads, installed over the adits and kept in position by elastic compression bandages, will catch the drainage. The open-drainage method can reduce the problem of persistent bruising and swelling.

The purpose of ankle liposuction UK

Patients must be encouraged to walk during the first 1-3 days following the operation. Walking will minimize swelling and encourage drainage. Leg elevation and bed rest are not needed if the operator utilizes the method of open drainage. It would be a confusion to try to remove every last drop of fat from the ankles and legs. Overly aggressive ankle liposuction UK risks damage to blood vessels. An effort to remove all the fat will yield some spaces where the skin is immediately adherent to the muscle (other areas where there are small collections of fat). In this case, if the patient certainly gains weight, areas with extra fat will grow in volume, and areas without fat will not grow. The overall result will be an accentuation of any changes producing an expanding bumpiness and lumpiness. The purpose of ankle liposuction UK should be natural looking and an aesthetically pleasing result. Excessive ankle liposuction UK should be avoided.




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