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In our time – the time of new technologies, urbanization, increasing the pace of life, people are increasingly exposed to environmental factors. Pollution of the environment, deterioration of the quality of food, chronic stress, and sedentary lifestyle caused the growth of the overall morbidity of people around the world. New diseases that are not inherent in people of previous generations have appeared.

A New Phenomenon: Medical Tourism

Recently, more and more people are leaving their native country for medical assistance (both treatment and diagnostics). Often such trips are combined with rest. This phenomenon is called medical tourism. Traveling abroad for medical care is becoming increasingly favored both in developed countries and in developing countries.

For residents of developing countries with a weak health care system traveling abroad often becomes the last chance to receive adequate treatment. As a rule, such people decide on such treatment only when all possibilities of receiving assistance at home are tried. Residents of developed countries (North America, Western Europe) travel abroad for medical care because of lower prices or any other benefits.

The prices requested for treatment in different countries may differ significantly. However, not always the highest rates mean the highest quality. The large number of countries in which the effectiveness of treatment, the accuracy of diagnosis, technical equipment, and the comfort of the patient are not inferior to the leaders of world health care and the prices are much lower.

The most expensive treatment is in countries of Western Europe. The level of training of medical specialists, the availability of medical equipment in these countries are also very high. Medical services in the USA are also very expensive. Visiting a doctor for the cold costs about $ 200 – 300, calling an ambulance for delivery to the hospital (even without hospitalization, not less than $ 1500).

In the United States, about 20,000 people who do not have insurance or who cannot pay for their treatment die each year. Due to the high cost of medical care, Americans are increasingly leaving for treatment in countries such as Turkey, India, Thailand, and Singapore. In these countries, the quality of medical care is not inferior to world leaders, and prices can provide savings of 40-60% compared with the United States, Western Europe.

Before you go to a foreign country for treatment, you need to know the total cost of this trip. Independently it is hard to do because apart from the flight and accommodation, you should know the cost of the procedure and treatment that you need.

However, it can vary hence the complexity of the operation, treatment, diagnosis, and so on. The cost of treatment abroad (including plastic surgery) depends on many factors: the complexity of medical manipulations, the patient’s age, the presence of concomitant diseases, the chosen clinic, the chosen specialist, the comfort of the ward, and the list of additional services.

How To Choose The Best Clinics

Medical tourism companies can help you choose a clinic and specialist. This is the most comfortable and most reliable option. Patients are given an excellent opportunity to find out the total cost of their travel abroad, including flight, transfer, accommodation, meals, and the procedure itself. The company for medical tourism is the place where you can get all the detailed information about the cost of treatment abroad.

The cost of treatment abroad is always calculated individually. Patients are very important to orient themselves in the prices of medical services in foreign clinics. Most of the companies on medical tourism guarantee the patient the most favorable and qualitative treatment option, taking into account the specificity of the disease, the desired level of service, and cost. In a good medical tourism company, you will always keep in touch, and it will inform you about the cost of the services you need. The company will send a request for diagnosis and treatment to the selected clinic and determine the preliminary cost of medical services.

The received estimate is presented to the client, the date and the program of the trip are agreed, the contract is concluded and the place in the clinic is reserved. It is important to remember that the total cost estimate produced by the clinic is always indicative, depending on the implementation of the medical program, the cost can be adjusted both in the large and in the smaller direction. The patient receives a calculation that includes three components:

  • Cost of treatment or examination in the chosen clinic.
  • Cost of additional service: translator, transfer, etc.
  • The cost of services for the organization of treatment abroad.

Risk-Free Treatment Abroad! Is That True!

It may seem to you that it will be cheaper to organize treatment abroad independently. Taking such a decision, you are at high risk. Without a qualified assistant, you will have to spend not only considerable time but also extra money. In any case, this is possible if you know how to act.

Every of high-qualified clinics or hospitals have their websites, too. If you decide to organize your journey for treatment yourself, you need to visit the website of a specific clinic in the chosen country to be acquainted with the information and services provided. On each website, you can find the number of the clinic that you may contact. Before considering the possible options for financing treatment abroad, it is necessary to dwell on the sum of the total cost of treatment abroad. It is important to remember that your total cost is not exclusively medical. A significant part of it is related to living in a foreign country. Among the factors that you need to take into account:

  • Expenses for registration of passports, visas and other accompanying documents
  • Cost of air tickets
  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • The cost of transport from hotel to medical facility and back during the whole stay in the country of treatment
  • Cost of living in a hotel
  • Cost of meals, including tips
  • International calls and the cost of using the Internet to communicate with family and friends
  • Medications
  • Postoperative care cost
  • Cost of insurance

After you get the approximate price of your treatment abroad from the clinic, you should calculate the total cost yourself (flight, accommodation, transfer, food, an interpreter if necessary, etc.). Having such a list will allow you to get a clear picture of what budget you need to plan for organizing your treatment abroad.


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