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Advanced technology offers the possibility of implant treatment safely and quickly. New implant technologies, which prevent bleeding and complications, now make it possible to apply implants without errors in a very short time. It is an inescapable fact that navigation technology eliminates the failed results of implant treatments and reduces the margin of error to zero. Since the image of the jaw film in classic implant surgery is 2-dimensional, the required amount of bone is not fully understood with these films, and after the gum is removed during surgery, the implant is placed in the most appropriate place. The biggest disadvantage of this approach is that the implant applied cannot meet aesthetic expectations and the doctor does not know in advance the situation he will face in the surgical field. The surgical guidance system, called the navigation system in the field of Medicine, guides the doctor by transmitting all information about the teeth, mouth and jaw to the doctor in the treatment of the tooth, determining the most appropriate place where the implant will be made. The system reduces the margin of error to zero by alerting the doctor if there is a shift from where it is detected during treatment. Thanks to this system, surgical planning is performed with detailed digital tomography information obtained from the patient and this plan is applied to the patient during the intervention. Three-dimensional planning and digital tomography provide a great advantage over panoramic X-ray.

An Implant is a delicate job. Whatever you see, you can cure it. The risk of structural damage to the jawbone, which contains a complex vascular and neural network, is eliminated by robotic surgery. Robotic implant applications consist of three different steps. First, unlike classic jaw films, the patient’s 3-D jaw tomography is taken and the existing bone is calculated and recorded not only in shape, but also in volume and millimeters. In the second step, a CT image is taken thanks to a special computer program of the system, determining which area of the patient should be implanted, and complications that may occur during surgery can be eliminated. In the last step, even 0.1 mm deviations are noticed by following the implants from the computer screen thanks to a special instrument with special eye sensors applied to the patient’s mouth. Due to the advanced sensitivity of the system, the implants, which can be placed without errors in the 3-dimensional examined bone, also eliminate the risks of application, complications such as bleeding and numbness that may occur. A robotic surgical system that helps cut the gum, suture and implant the amount of bone without the need to be seen by the eye reduces the negative effects that may occur in the bone and complications that may occur as a result of surgery, accelerates the boiling in the bone.

In Implant treatments, the doctor reaches the bone by cutting the gum and follows a treatment path by looking at the bone. Thanks to the navigated implant treatment system, the doctor does not need to cut the gum and see the bone. With this technology, all information from the location of the nerves to the thickness of the bone can be obtained instantly and appropriate treatment is reliably achieved. The system, which offers safe and fast implant treatment, prevents bleeding and discomfort caused by incorrect implant application as well as doctor errors. Less pain and edema occur because the gum does not need to be opened to see bone tissue. Tissue healing is faster. The risk of infection is minimized in treatment with this method. Thanks to advanced technology, implant application is possible in four minutes when there is no longer a lack of bone. Thanks to implant applications, which can be applied without cutting tissues or sewing, mobile prosthetics, which patients have difficulty getting used to, are history. Implant treatment is a special specialty in dentistry. For this reason, the dentist who will perform the treatment should be trained and specialized in this regard. A team of oral surgeons, Implantologists or Periodontologists and prosthetics specialists is required to perform the surgical procedure. Otherwise, treatment may result in some negative consequences rather than a successful outcome.

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