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Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular surgeries for women. Breast shape and volume disorders, breast size is small, two breast symmetry disorders can be applied to eliminate a reliable method. In addition, breast cancer is a method that is often used to re-create the breast after surgery or provide symmetry with the other breast. Prosthetics, which have been in use for many years around the world, are quite reliable. 

When you come to Turkey for Breast Implants & Augmentation Turkey, we aim to learn about your complaints about your breast, your expectations for surgery and your concerns about this issue at our first meeting. In this interview, we get detailed information about you (additional diseases, drug use, pregnancy history, history of breast diseases). Then we need to do a breast exam and do a number of breast measurements. Preoperative photographing and 3-D imaging will be done.


    What is Breast Implants & Augmentation?

    Breast size in women in general, familial, hormonal and structural disorders, especially if too much weight is taken occurs. Due to such causes, excessive breast growth is likely to be seen. On the other hand, it is possible that it can be seen in various physical problems due to the size of the breast. At the beginning of these disorders, the center of gravity of the body shifts forward and, accordingly, the formation of pain in the back, waist, neck and shoulders occurs.

    In addition, redness or diaper rash occurs as a result of friction in the areas where the breasts that grow too much come into contact with each other or in the folds. In addition, it is possible to say that odor-emitting irrigations can also occur. A bulky or humpback posture disorder in the overall body shape can also occur due to the shift of the body’s center of gravity. To fix such problems, Breast Implants & Augmentation is a highly effective surgical practice. Breast augmentation surgery is a breast aesthetic operation performed in order to have proportionate body sizes by enlarging breasts in a smaller volume than desired by implants (prosthetics) or fat injection. In some cases, volume loss of breast tissue may be observed as a result of double or unilateral breast development disorder or due to weight loss after pregnancy. Breast augmentation surgery is the ultimate solution if women who suffer from such conditions or have small breasts at birth want to have larger and proportionate breasts. The FDA has approved implants for breast augmentation in women to correct breast cancer surgery or post-traumatic reconstruction (reconstruction) and developmental disorders. Implants are also approved to correct or improve the outcome of previous surgery. A number of clinical studies have reported that most of their patients who have undergone breast augmentation and reconstruction are satisfied with the results of the surgery.

    How Breast Implants & Augmentation is done step by step?

    Having one breast smaller than the other breast or having small breasts can cause self-confidence problems in women. If this condition bothers the individual, it is useful to contact the Department of Plastic Surgery and be examined. It is very important that you have an open communication with your surgeon to have the right expectations about the process of breast augmentation surgery and the image you will encounter after it. Breast augmentation surgeries can take advantage of adipose tissue and stem cells found in the body itself, as well as implants containing silicone or salt water. In operations where the bodies own tissue is used, fats taken from the fat layer located on both sides of the abdomen are placed in the breast tissue. In order for these fatty tissues to be permanent in their new places, they must be fed by veins. In order to create a new vein, it is also necessary to be transplanted together with stem cells.

    Implants, on the other hand, can contain salt water contained in a silicone sheath or, again, a silicone gel. Implants containing salt water are filled with sterile saline fluid after they are placed in place. To place a breast implant, your surgeon can make a single incision (incision) in one of three possible places:

    In the fold under your chest (inframammary)

    Under your arm (axillary)

    Around your nipple 

    After the incision is made, the surgeon will separate the breast tissue from the muscles and connective tissue of your chest. This creates a pocket behind or in front of the outermost muscle (the pectoral novelette) of the chest wall. The surgeon will place the implant in this pocket and center it behind the nipple. Saline implants are placed empty and then filled with sterile saline water after they are placed in place. Silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone gel. After the Implant is placed in place, the surgeon will close the incision (the incision he opened) with stitches and bandage it with skin glue and surgical tape. Choosing the incision site is important to minimize scar formation.


      Breast Implants & Augmentation procedure risk and complications

      Breast augmentation surgery into the breast drain must be put. Some doctors might not do that. But this is a necessary factor for leaks that may occur after surgery to flow out. Leftover blood must flow out. If this is not done, then the risk of developing capsules may occur. One of the issues that patients also wonder about after surgery is whether there is pain. It is quite natural for the pain to be a little bit. If the breast prosthesis is placed behind the breast tissue, the pain becomes less. But a breast prosthesis placed behind the chest muscle causes more pain. In other words, the pain after the operation is not caused by the incision or suture made here. The risks encountered after breast augmentation surgery are extremely rare and do not endanger your health. Silicone has no harm, no interaction with the body. It has been scientifically proven that there is no relationship between silicone and cancer development.

      Where Breast Implants & Augmentation is done in Turkey

      Plastic surgeries are among the most frequently performed surgery in Turkey. Breast Implants & Augmentation in Turkey is performed in many cities, but there are better equipped clinics and experienced surgeons in cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara and Izmir. Most of the patients coming to Turkey from abroad, prefer these 4 cities. They are also cities with more options than other cities in terms of social facilities.

      Average cost of Breast Implants & Augmentation in Turkey

      Breast aesthetics is the name given to procedures such as plumping, lifting, or reducing women’s breasts by shaping them. These procedures are performed by aesthetic and plastic surgery specialists. A large proportion of women are dissatisfied with the appearance of their breasts. For this reason, breast aesthetics is included in the most preferred aesthetic group. Prices for breast augmentation, which are widely applied all over the world, vary. Average cost of Breast Implants & Augmentation in Turkey varies according to the procedure to be applied.


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