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Breast lift surgery can be performed in various ways depending on the size of the breast. This operation is performed under general anesthesia in cases that develop due to sagging of breast tissue. Sagging breast tissue can be congenital, develop over time, or occur after births. Sometimes due to breastfeeding, sometimes frequent weight loss, this operation can be performed on breasts that become weak and sagging under the influence of gravity. Sagging breast tissue is rebuilt. The practice in which excess breast tissue is removed and the nipple is pulled up should take place in a mutual trust relationship between the doctor and the patient.

In addition to breast lift surgery, it can be combined with breast prosthesis application to stand more upright. In breast lift surgery, excess skin is removed, the diameter of the dark skin ring around the nipple is reduced, and the nipple is raised up. Breast Lift Turkey is performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the operation takes 2-3 hours in proportion to the attempt to be made. On the first evening, the patient is invited to the hospital. The surgical scar and technique vary depending on the degree of breast sagging. The goal is to leave as much of a mark as possible as well as a beautiful breast. A technique that leaves traces only around the nipple in the breasts with less sagging, and in cases with more sagging, a technique that leaves a vertical trace down the nipple is preferred.


    What is Breast Lift?

    Every woman wants to have fuller, larger, aesthetically more beautiful tits. Information about breast reduction surgery applies to breast lift surgery. The difference is that in addition to sagging the breast, the breast is of normal size or empty inside, not a large breast. Breast tissue that loses its volume after weight loss, breastfeeding, or as a result of aging can gain a saggy image as a result of the abundant skin that surrounds it. The appearance of saggy breasts is corrected by breast lift surgery. Breast lift surgery alone may not be enough for saggy breasts that do not have sufficient volume. At the same time, asymmetries and differences in the breasts can be corrected with breast lift surgery. Breast lift plastic surgery is often performed as a result of deterioration of the aesthetic appearance, such as breast volume shrinking and involution, breast tissue shrinking, sagging, after stopping milk delivery in breasts that grow due to milk delivery after birth. In the breasts, when sagging, the nipple looks down or sagges. In some patients, the reduction of breast tissue as a result of excessive weight gain and loss can have the same result. Breast lift operations are aimed at restoring the old form and steepness of the breast, reshaping it, restoring a conical structure. If the dark area around the nipple (areola) is large, it can be narrowed by surgery. Almost all saggy breast surgeries are corrected in the brown part.

    How Breast Lift is done step by step?

    Breast sagging can occur for reasons such as frequent weight loss, weight loss, breastfeeding after pregnancy, time and gravity. Losing the flexible structure of the skin with aging can also disrupt the erect shape of the breast. As a result of these conditions, this operation can be performed. Breast lift surgery takes place under general anesthesia. Surgery takes 2-2. 5 hours. The aim of breast lift is to reshape the sagging tissue, cut and remove the increased breast skin, and align the nipple to an upright point. Surgery can be most successful in small and medium-sized breasts. If the breasts are small, silicone prosthesis can be used. For large breasts, breast reduction surgery is performed first for the lift operation, then the lift step is passed.

    It is a rare breast pseudopitosis, that is, false sagging, mixed with breast sagging. In this case, the patient’s nipple is too displaced. It is most common in breasts that lose volume after pregnancy. In this case, breast augmentation surgery is considered. Breast lift surgery is performed in accordance with the body lines after detailed planning of the operation. Breast lift surgery is a surgical operation that removes the sagging place in the breast, tightening the tissue in which the breast is located, and reshaping the breasts and giving them an aesthetic appearance. Breast lift surgery is performed according to the degree of sagging in the breasts. Only in patients with very mild sagging can both growth and Lift be achieved by using silicone implants. If there is significant sagging, and the patient also wants their breasts to grow, in this case, both breast lift and breast augmentation surgery can be performed together.

    Breast Lift procedure risk and complications

    The operation usually uses self-melting seams. If it needs to be removed, the stitches are removed between 8-10 days. After breast lift aesthetic surgery, bandages and supportive bra should be used. Bra is used for 3-4 weeks. After surgery, drying can be seen on the skin of the chest. In this case, moisturizer should be used. The humidifier should be gently rubbed without approaching the sewing points.

    After breast lift surgery, numbness may occur in the nipple and chest. This situation is temporary. Again, swelling and bruising may occur on the nipple. This condition passes spontaneously within 1 Week. Within 2 days after the operation, the patient can stand up and return to work within 5-7 days. If a breast prosthesis is used, there will be limited hand-arm-shoulder movements for a few days after surgery. As after all breast surgeries, the patient should not smoke for some time before and after surgery, if he uses it. Depending on the surgical technique used in breast lift surgery, there may only be a straight line or inverted T-shaped mark on the nipple, at the beginning and under the nipple. For some patients, breast lift surgery alone may not be enough. In order to give the breast the desired shape and size, it may be necessary to use a prosthesis during breast lift surgery. After breast lift surgery, the breasts may sag again as a result of factors such as pregnancy or excess weight gain. For this reason, we recommend that patients who are considering breast lift surgery have this operation after pregnancy. After breast lift surgery, you should avoid sagging, taking care not to gain weight.


      Where Breast Lift is done in Turkey

      The most suitable cities for Breast Lift Turkey are Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Izmir. In these cities, you can operate in the most economical way. The cities are the most successful health centers in Turkey. Experienced surgeons work in this city, and the best clinics are again located in these cities.

      Average cost of Breast Lift in Turkey

      The cost of surgery can vary with silicone. Or it could just be about the nipple. So the price of surgery may be different. So you can find out as a free examination for the Average cost of Breast Lift in Turkey. Breast lift surgery is usually a procedure with a high satisfaction rate. Breast aesthetics, which affect women’s aesthetic posture and self-confidence, must be performed in sterile environments by a specialist doctor. At the same time, each operation should be planned individually.


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