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Aesthetics can be defined in a narrow sense as a theory of beauty, or more broadly as a philosophy of art. Interest in beauty always existed, however, with the development of civilization and technology this interest increased several times. In general, the disclosure of such a concept as the aesthetics of beauty began to appear in the eighteenth century. Moreover, since 1950, the number of aesthetic concepts about beauty discussed in the literature has expanded even more.

The medicine is interested in the influence of various, including aesthetic, factors on the life and health of the population. Medicine uses aesthetic phenomena to improve the health of people and society. Aesthetics that expresses and develops beauty is needed by medicine as a psychotherapeutic tool in preventive and curative work, designed to preserve the spiritual and physical health of people. The manifestation and application of aesthetics, its categories, and principles in medicine are studied by aesthetic medicine.

What is medical aesthetics ?

Already in the early philosophical and medical treatises, we find an appeal to moral and aesthetic problems. In the formula of the Greek philosopher Plato, happiness is represented in the form of a triangle, the sides of which are intelligence, kindness, and beauty. Thus, it can be said that aesthetic medicine originated in the bosom of philosophy, ethics, and medicine and has not yet emerged as an independent scientific discipline. In addition, medical aesthetics is treated as a science that studies the impact of aesthetic phenomena on the body and the organization of the aesthetic environment for therapeutic purposes. The emphasis is placed on the study of the mechanism of psycho-physiological effects of aesthetic experiences, positive and negative emotions.



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