Can porcelain veneers be placed over crowns? |

Porcelain crowns can be made in case of excessive loss of substance or decay in the tooth. Porcelain crowns can be applied to teeth that have had coloration and whose color cannot be reversed. Porcelain crowns can be made on teeth with disfigurement. In order to prevent breakages in the teeth, porcelain crowns can be made on the teeth that have been treated with weak canals. Porcelain crowns can be made on Implant applications. Porcelain crowns can be made to repair fractures in teeth. In Aesthetic Dentistry, porcelain containing metal is abandoned every day. In this system, which has all the properties we want, such as healthier, more aesthetic and more resistance, zirconium, a white alloy, is used instead of metal as the infrastructure. Zirconium-based porcelain is preferred both because they are natural enough to be used on the front teeth and because they have robustness that can be used on the back teeth.

Porcelain crowns zirconium; for durability in porcelain applications in classical dental restorations, a metal infrastructure was used under the porcelain tooth. Since this metal infrastructure is known to be stranded in terms of gums, dental tissue, General Body Health and, most importantly, aesthetics, there were searches for alternatives to metal in a general sense. A new era was opened with the application of zirconium, which had previously been successfully used in other areas of medicine, to replace porcelain metal in dentistry. Because these new zirconium substructure porcelain coatings stand out from other dental materials with their mechanical resistance, biological compatibility and fracture resistance. It does not cause gum problems and allergies, it allows us to capture aesthetics and function close to natural teeth with its light passing feature.

Functions of porcelain crowns

Porcelain crowns are used to completely cover the tooth that has become damaged. In addition to strengthening the damaged tooth, they can be used to correct the image, shape, or alignment. In addition, it can be placed on the implant to provide a shape and structure similar to the tooth to provide function. In order to ensure their strength, they were often used in porcelain crowns with metal infrastructure. However, today, Empress Porcelain or laminates that reflect light better in the front areas are more often applied, and zircon-supported porcelain is applied on the back teeth. According to the protocols between the dentist and the patient, porcelain crowns with an appropriate infrastructure can be preferred according to the condition of the tooth.

Periapical or panoramic film dental crown that appears in the patient induced severe tooth loss from tooth decay, root canal treatment of the tooth after the loss of the broken item occurs in cases where a missing tooth by cutting on the sides of the teeth for the removal of the support in the creation of the bridge, in the upper structure of the implant, dental fillings material that is used in the coloring of the teeth over time, in the case of dental crowding and esthetic correction basically is not used. In case of tooth deficiencies that occur in the mouth, the teeth move towards the cavities over time. The movement of the tooth is the closing of the cavity by coming on top of the tooth that comes after it. Over time, chewing disorders occur in the patient. Disorders that also affect digestion in a bad way also lead to damage to the gums and bone loss. For this reason, treatment that is not applied in time becomes no longer applicable. In patients, tooth loss, dental perplexity and speech disorders also lead to problems such as loss of self-confidence in society, asocialization. One of the main tasks of US physicians is to eliminate these problems of our patients

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