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You know the benefits of dental implants Turkey when it comes to restoring missing teeth: no embarrassing hassles or slips like dentures, great lifetime value, and strong bone health advantages. But how do you choose the best dentist in Turkey, a dentist who has the experience to provide your dental implants Turkey? First, keep in mind that there is a meaningful difference between “dental implant experts” and “dentists who just do implants.” Your teeth are as individual as you are. It needs an experienced, skilled, and the best dentist in Turkey to produce quality dental implants.

So what should you look for when choosing the best dentist in Turkey?

  • The dental specialist should have the education specific for dental implants in Turkey. This means that they have three hundred or more hours of postgraduate or continuing education associated with implant dentistry.
  • Your best dentist in Turkey must be a licensed dentist. Nevertheless, although this is a fundamental quality, it does not in itself make a person an expert in dental implantation.
  • Your best dentist in Turkey must be competent and proven. At a minimum, this means that they have demonstrated competence in implant dentistry through an independent, valued, conscientious process. The dental implant specialist had to perform various types of treatment, starting from a single tooth and ending with the replacement of several teeth by several different patients.

Here are some important questions to ask your dentist in Turkey to help you make an engaged choice about your oral health and perfect dental implants:

  • What is the degree of your practice in implant surgery? Ask specifically the names of courses, duration, dates, and who sponsored them. Find these courses and see if they are legitimate programs approved or supported by professional organizations.
  • Do you work with any experts? Even if the best dentist in Turkey sets some dental implants, they almost constantly work with professionals in their area. Ask if it is OK for you to talk with them and get a different perspective. It is your right.
  • What is your specialty? Just periodontists and oral surgeons receive formal training on implantation in accredited residency programs. Some prosthodontists may additionally develop surgical training, but this is less popular. Warning: “Implantologist” is not an accredited and recognized specialty nor does not show proper preparation.
  • How many dental implants Turkey have you set? A dental specialist or an experienced doctor has settled hundreds if not thousands of dental implants Turkey. They perform these surgeries day in and day out. Ask their qualifications if they have only installed some of them in the past few months or year.
  • Ask the receptionists and assistants about dental implants Turkey (how they operate, how long it needs, what are the levels, etc.). If they cannot explain your questions or submit you constantly to the dentist in Turkey, then that work most likely does not perform many of them.



Koray Pisgin

Dr. Koray Pisgin has 9+ years experince dental operations with 5000+ satisfied patients in Turkey.

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