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If you or your relatives have health problems, then among the priorities of life is the search for a medical institution that can provide qualified assistance.

Where To Find Such a Clinic or Hospital?

Unfortunately, many countries do not have enough large modern clinics to provide adequate medical care to all who need it. That is why many people trying to get rid of the illness decide to seek help from foreign doctors, and they should compare the clinics to choose the best without taking risks.

The organization of the medical process abroad is quite a difficult task. Many patients listen to the opinion of friends who have already been treated elsewhere in a particular clinic or hospital. However, it should be remembered that the opinion of one person is only a subjective assessment of the quality of medicine.

Choose Your Hospital Wiseley

For complete information to compare the clinics and hospitals, you should find out for yourself the nuances of medical care in different clinics and hospitals as well as the possibilities of their medicine. When choosing a hospital or clinic for medical treatment abroad, medical tourists should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The presence of specialized medical centers, practicing the most effective technologies in the treatment of a particular disease.
  • Narrow-profile doctors with a worldwide reputation, who have the great practical experience and successfully use innovative technologies.
  • Affordable prices for treatment abroad (depends on the chosen country and clinic).

The ideal and best way to check and compare the clinics or hospitals is to visit and talk with the surgeon and the staff. If you are going abroad for cosmetic surgery, then you will not have this opportunity, so you will have to find ways to evaluate clinics from a distance. Three most common options to find out everything about the clinic or hospital that you are interested in are:

  • Personal meetings; Some of the primary plastic surgery clinics abroad hold sessions in the city in your own country, where you can come and meet with the clinic’s representatives. Some of them are purely marketing exercises, but others can include surgeons and medical staff. Try to figure it out before booking.
  • Use the website of the clinic; Clinics and hospitals abroad offer potential patients detailed information about their services and facilities on their sites. Look for clinics that provide you with photos, up-to-date information about their institutions, complete profiles of their surgeons with a detailed description of their experience and qualifications, give you clear instructions on how to contact them.
  • Use your phone and e-mail; You can get a valuable first impression of a clinic or hospital abroad by talking to them by e-mail or by phone. Are they glad to answer your questions? Do they provide detailed information or they seem reluctant? Does your interaction have a significant language barrier? Can they provide recent patient feedback? These are all important aspects of choosing a clinic for treatment abroad. Also, you can facilitate your task and find out all the detailed information through the company on medical tourism.

Let us note at once that people very rarely go to clinics and hospitals beforehand to find out all the information and compare them. It is expensive and takes a lot of time. Therefore, there are two options for resolving organizational issues on treatment abroad.

The patient can apply either directly to the clinic or hospital abroad or through a tour operator specializing in organizing such tours. Using the company for medical tourism, you can count on qualified help in selecting a medical institution, and it will be easier for you to compare the clinics and hospitals.

Besides, the tour operator will save you from the hassle of issuing a visa and transfer, hotel booking, and translation of medical documents. Remember that in the end, the responsibility for choosing a country, clinic, and specialist lies only with you, no matter what option you choose. How not to make a mistake with such an important decision?

How To Compare Clinics & Hospitals Abroad

First, when selecting a hospital, you should start with the diagnosis you have made. A significant percentage of foreign clinics are specialized institutions operating strictly in their field of medicine. If you have to choose and compare the clinics, you should choose the clinic that better specializes in your illness. Of course, there are large medical centers abroad that have dozens of small specialized clinics. Therefore, if you want to solve a number of less significant health problems besides the underlying disease, then it makes sense to think about traveling to such a center.

The next step is to analyze and compare prices. Of course, the final cost of treatment cannot be exactly specified in advance; however, in the first stage, you will only have to know about the upcoming expenses. First, the cost of treatment depends on the chosen country.

For example, clinics in Switzerland and the United States are considered the most expensive, while medical institutions in Turkey, Israel, Mexico, Thailand, Poland, on the contrary, offer very democratic prices for services. In addition, the total costs are influenced by many other factors, including the complexity of medical manipulation, the presence of co-morbidities, and the status of the clinic, the chosen specialist, and the degree of comfort of the ward.

In addition, it is necessary to find out how many years the clinic or hospital operates on the market of medical services. As practice shows, medical institutions whose work experience exceeds 50 years and who provide medical care not only to foreign tourists but also to the local population, are credible first. When communicating with representatives of clinics or hospitals abroad, you should always ask about the guarantees provided in case of medical error or unforeseen complications.

Carefully study the site of the clinic where should be enough information about the medical institution itself and about the services it provides. Also, try to visit the open Internet resources and be acquainted with the opinions of patients who have already undergone courses of treatment in this clinic. In addition, it is better if these patients will be residents of the country where you plan to come.

When choosing and compare the clinics, do not forget about the duration of the flight. Too long, air travel is undesirable for pregnant women and patients with serious diseases. Therefore, under equal conditions, preference should be given to those health facilities, where it is easiest to get. Finally, an important factor is the absence of a language barrier. Ideally,  if the staff of the clinic speaks in languages that you are fluent in, or if you are provided with a qualified interpreter.


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