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    Increasingly more people value their appearance, and, young, beautiful, healthy and successful appearance, dental health and your smile discover how Aesthetic Dentistry has been developed in the industry have mobilized with. Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, armed with Nano-technological materials and modern tools today, has also achieved a revolutionary stage compared to the last 25 years in the field of specialist physicians and modern laboratory training. Aesthetic Dentistry the teeth in the mouth of the patient while in a uniform manner, neat and beautiful teeth in cosmetic dentistry, besides being the face of the individual patient, skin color, eye color, the most appropriate are not separated from the natural teeth, but the teeth are notched at the ends as the ends of thin transparent and extremely attractive, sparkling and transparent, made from natural materials but which cannot be easily distinguished Duran latest technology are very aesthetic. The missing teeth implant is completed with easy implants with a dental implant guide.

    What is Cosmetic dentistry?

    Recent advances in cosmetic dentistry allow dentists to offer everything from advanced teeth whitening to translucent tooth coatings and full smile makeup. Cosmetic dentistry has been around for decades but the materials used today look more durable and natural than those used in the past. Cosmetic dentistry has become mainstream. Almost every dentist performs at least some cosmetic dentistry procedures. From small changes to large oral surgery, there are many cosmetic dentistry techniques that can treat discolored, chipped, disfigured or missing teeth. So is cosmetic dentistry right for you? There are now a wide range of options and price ranges that make millions of people smile better.

    Your dentist can offer you many alternatives according to your needs and professional decision. Aesthetic Dentistry not only improves your smile, but also improves your overall oral and dental health. Cosmetic Dentistry, on the other hand, is only related to appearance improvement in cases that do not require treatment. For this reason, there may be root canal treatment or even removal of teeth that do not carry health problems.

    How Cosmetic dentistry is done?

    Cosmetic dentistry fixes teeth to make them flatter, whiter and more visually appealing. They repair teeth to help their patients look better. They help them feel better by perfecting teeth. Cosmetic dentistry performs dental stone cleaning in patients, performs root canal treatment, performs teeth whitening and should provide information about oral dental health, works in places such as a dental hospital or dental Polyclinic. He should always inform his patients about the price of Dentistry. For example, if zirconium makes a tooth, it should explain its price and method, all procedures such as coating teeth, cleaning teeth, making teeth, dentures, dentures, dental X-rays should not start treatment without giving patients information and prices. Because people want the dentist to give us confidence and information. As a cosmetic dentist on any given day, you use various techniques to turn rough teeth into grins on the teeth. Some techniques are fairly routine, such as attaching crowns and injecting tooth-colored fillings. These procedures mask defects in the tooth to make it look more natural. Other procedures are more difficult. Surgery is used to correct dental placement problems such as over-placement. If you whiten teeth, you apply chemicals that remove stains without damaging the enamel layer.

    People do aesthetics to feel beautiful. You do not perform these aesthetics only on the eyes, lips or nose. It is also possible to make your teeth aesthetic. You can do aesthetics to correct the posture of your teeth, make them look whiter, brighter or larger. The procedures that you perform to make your teeth more attractive fall within the scope of cosmetic dentistry.

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    How to choose clinic for Cosmetic dentistry?

    Before choosing a dental clinic, you should find out what treatments are available in that clinic. Because the cosmetic dentistry clinic has many different features. Since this treatment involves more than one procedure, all procedures must be done in the same clinic. Such equipped clinics, is very much in Turkey. That’s why patients all over the world, is to visit Turkey for the treatment of cosmetic dentistry. Especially in 2020, many new clinics entered service in this field. Antalya and Istanbul are centers of dental treatments. There are some important elements when choosing cosmetic dentistry clinic. These are as follows;

    • Dentist of your choice
    • The popularity of the clinic where you will perform dental aesthetics
    • Dental aesthetics option
    • Materials to be used in aesthetics

    Why choose Turkey for Cosmetic dentistry?

    Today, cosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever. Teeth whitening, contouring, laminated, zirconium, gingivectomy, gum manicure, laser shaping of the gums there are many applications in fact, many of them already existed, but the name has changed into aesthetic dentistry. In this branch, the goal is not just to fill in the caries or replace the missing tooth. The aim of creating a pleasant dental image and smile in a complete whole with both the teeth and gums of the patient. For example, a small difference between the appearance of the gums 2-3 mm when you laugh and the appearance of 1-2 mm can affect the aesthetics of the patient’s smile or even the appearance of a younger person. So it’s not over with filling the tooth anymore. As dentists, it is of great benefit that we are more careful with aesthetic rules and patient expectations. With Cosmetic dentistry Turkey, you can get all these services in full.


      Why Cosmetic dentistry is cheaper in Turkey?

      Aesthetic procedures that you perform for your teeth are not covered by the state. Cosmetic dentistry Turkey prices are not fixed. The prices vary according to the aesthetic process you want and the materials to be used in the process while taking advantage of this dentistry. For this reason, in order to get a full price, you need to talk to a specialist doctor who will perform dental aesthetics. Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey is carried out with very reasonable prices. The fact that prices are affordable and the quality of services is the reason of choice for patients.


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