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The crown is expressed as “the part of the tooth that appears from the outside” in terms of the meaning of the word. It is a treatment method applied to restore the visual and functional qualities lost on the surface of the tooth, that is, the upper part of the tooth, the part that first comes into contact with nutrients. Crown veneer, which is applied as a dental veneer method in dentistry, has a very durable structure. Because it is resistant to biting pressures at high rates, it compares results in qualities closest to the original teeth in terms of functional properties. Dental crown in Turkey is used for various reasons, but it usually used when the tooth is damaged enough that the filling cannot be saved due to decay or fracture. The Crown wraps the damaged parts of the tooth and strengthens it by holding it together. Crowns can also be used to make darkened or disfigured teeth look aesthetically smooth. Crowns can also be measured in a laboratory or through a computerized scanner and prepared in a practice environment.


    What is Dental crown?

    The crown is used to completely cover the damaged tooth. In addition to strengthening the damaged tooth, the Dental Crown can also be used to correct its appearance, shape, or alignment. The Crown can also be placed on the implant to provide a shape and structure similar to the tooth so that it can function. Porcelain or ceramic crowns can be produced in the natural color of your teeth. Other materials that can be used can be gold and metal alloys, acrylic or ceramic. Because it is strong and attractive, porcelain with a metal infrastructure can be used. In short, crowns are fixed dentures that are applied when there is a small number of teeth missing in the mouth and are attached to the teeth by shrinking adjacent supporting teeth or in the form of bridges between implants, or when excessive caries or discoloration of one or more teeth is reduced and prepared in the laboratory.

    How Dental crown is done?

    In problems such as fracture and wear of the protective enamel layer in the tooth due to various impacts, there are decreases in chewing function. In such cases, depending on the measurements taken by dental technicians, artificial structures created in certain molds are applied to the problem area. An artificially obtained Dental Crown is placed in the patient’s mouth, and after adjusting the chewing and speech functions, it is permanently glued. In order for the crown to be glued to the relevant part of the tooth, the incision process is applied on the tooth. Making the incision is to ensure that the natural teeth with the teeth to which the veneer will be made are in the same structure and maintain naturalness in terms of appearance. During the procedure, the patient will not feel any pain or pain. Let’s note that the patient does not show any signs of discomfort during the procedure in the locally drugged area.

    Attention to the cleanliness of Crowns is very important for their longevity. Especially the edges of the teeth that support the prosthesis, the gum should be well cleaned during brushing. Teeth should be brushed twice every day and cleaned using dental floss at once. These measures will allow the removal of plaque that causes the formation of bacteria. Here, it is important to clean the plaque between the teeth and gums. In order to prevent broken and damaged porcelain crowns, hard substances should be avoided and not chewed in nutrition. By visiting the dentist on a routine basis, he should be careful to be constantly under control.

    How to choose clinic for Dental crown?

    Well-made porcelain crowns or bridges can be used for life depending on the patient’s care and do not smell. In order for the patient’s care to be ideal, he must brush twice a day and floss once a day. Of course, he should also remember to check with the dentist regularly. One of the most important steps of successful treatment is to choose the right clinic for Dental crown. And, of course, choosing a dentist is also important. If you choose the right clinic, crowns can be used throughout life. But sometimes, as there will be loosening, the crowns can fall. The most important thing to do for porcelain crowns to serve you for a longer life is to best maintain oral health. It is possible to maintain the health of your teeth and gums by brushing your teeth twice a day with fluorinated toothpaste and flossing. In the meantime, routine visits to the dentist for 6 months should not be neglected. In order to prevent damage that may occur, hard things should not be chewed. The important thing is that you have this treatment in a clinic that is both affordable and equipped.

    Why choose Turkey for Dental crown?

    A few reasons we list below will answer the question Why choose Turkey for Dental crown.

    • Dental crown clinics in Turkey are fully equipped
    • Treatment fees are very convenient
    • Crown materials are manufactured and guaranteed in Turkey
    • The whole process from the beginning to the end of the treatment works perfectly
    • During your treatment, a perfect holiday awaits you.


      Why Dental crown is cheaper in Turkey

      There are many factors affecting Dental crown in Turkey prices. These vary according to which type of tooth veneer will be made and which material will be used. In addition, another important issue affecting the prices of veneer teeth is the experience of the dentist, the brand and quality of the material to be used. At the same time, it is very difficult to determine a fixed price regarding radiological examinations required before veneer, conditions requiring treatment on natural teeth, tooth veneer prices. For this reason, the first examination with the dentist is done by talking about the work that needs to be done and determining the price. Since labor and material fees are cheap in Turkey, treatment fees are very convenient.


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