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A porcelain crown is a permanent veneer made for teeth. It varies according to the substances used for veneer, the most commonly used today are metal porcelain and full ceramic. All these different crowns have advantages and disadvantages. Metal-backed porcelain are the most popular; it is strong and aesthetic because the metal at the bottom is closed with porcelain from the top, but an opaque paint used to close the metal makes this porcelain look more saturated, which badly affects the natural light transmission of the porcelain, and finally the cost is appropriate and its construction is standardized. The biggest drawback is that sometimes the metal under it is visible, and the gum also leads to a dark color. Porcelain crown in Turkey covers all these varieties and all applications can be easily made in Turkey.


    What is Porcelain crown?

    Porcelain crowns are a permanent application for teeth. It varies according to the materials used in veneers. Common usage models today are metal porcelain or full ceramic ones. Those backed with Metal are the most commonly used. In terms of price, it is preferred because it is more affordable than others. The worst disadvantage is that the metal support becomes visible in some cases and blackens the gums. It also exhibits a dull and dull posture as it has no light transmittance. Full porcelain or ceramic veneer is aesthetically good, but may not be as durable as metal-backed crowns. It is the best option, especially for front teeth. Zirconium substructure prostheses provide a very good appearance. Due to their light transmittance, they are close to natural teeth. It is less durable than Metal promoters. It is necessary to be more careful, especially when hard things are eaten. In particular, it is the protection of a tooth with an excess of substance loss by covering it with a material in the form of a tooth. If the porcelain crown process is to be performed due to aesthetic expectations, it is reduced to 2 mm from the tooth and glued to it with the porcelain tooth in the desired color and form.

    How Porcelain crown is done?

    Porcelain crowns are made in 3 stages. It is done by experienced dentists in Turkey and 100% successful results are obtained.

    • First stage: after the decision is made to make porcelain crown in your first examination, our tooth incision is made under local anesthesia, your measurements are taken, your temporary veneer is installed. The color of porcelain suitable for your teeth is determined.
    • Second Stage: infrastructure rehearsal is performed for the porcelain crown.
    • Third stage: the finished porcelain crown is rehearsed, its contacts are permanently glued by checking its anatomical, biological harmony and functional integrity.

    When choosing the material most suitable for you, both image and function are considered. Your dentist will evaluate the placement of your teeth, the position of the gum tissue, the amount of teeth that appear when you smile, the discoloration of your teeth and the function of your teeth and make a decision on this issue. The crown process is performed in several steps. Your dentist prepares your tooth as needed, cleans if there are parts of the tooth, and measures are taken to obtain a complete model of the tooth. According to the obtained model, your crown will be in its final form. Once the crown is fully ready, your dentist will place it in place after making the necessary adjustments. After you and your dentist are satisfied with their appearance and position, the crown is permanently. 

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    How to choose clinic for Porcelain crown?

    You cannot get a porcelain crown in every dental clinic. Because each clinic’s equipment is different. In many cities in Turkey, it is very easy to find the best clinic for Porcelain crowns. It is essential that the equipment of the clinic is appropriate and that the dentists working in the clinic are experienced in this regard. The support given to patients after treatment is very important. Dental clinics in Turkey have this hospitality. You can be sure that all clinics operating in cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara and Izmir are the best in this regard.

    Why choose Turkey for Porcelain crown?

    It can be difficult to find the right clinic by doing research on the internet. Because you will see many options for Porcelain crown Turkey. The right thing to do is to contact the clinic directly and get information. Porcelain crown in Turkey are made with European standards and reasonable prices. You can be treated in Turkey with a third of the money you will pay in any city in Europe. In cases where caries is too much and the filling cannot get enough support from the tooth, as a superstructure in dental implants in order to prevent future fractures in weak teeth, when for some reason excessively colored teeth cannot be restored to their normal color with other methods, broken, perplexed, deformed teeth are aesthetics depending on the patient’s request. Crowns are used for teeth with problems.


      Why Porcelain crown is cheaper in Turkey

      Porcelain crowns are a procedure that is applied to replace lost teeth for various reasons or aims to eliminate various aesthetic problems that occur on the teeth. Thanks to the porcelain crown, chewing disorders, as well as asymmetric closing disorders and speech disorders can be easily eliminated. It is prosthetic applications made to one or the entire jawbone. Porcelain crown prices in Turkey have the cheapest prices among European countries, even if each clinic is different according to various factors. Due to the introduction of materials used in the application from abroad, it can be affected by foreign exchange prices. Factors such as rent increases, increases in the minimum wage and inflation can also drive up prices. Dozens of factors, such as the characteristics of the hospital where the application is performed, the doctor performing the operation, the materials used and the quality of these materials, sterilization conditions, can cause the price of tooth veneer to differ.


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