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    Zirconium tooth crown is a treatment that replaces lost tooth tissue by applying porcelain on an infrastructure consisting of an alloy of zirconia, that is, zirconium oxide. The growing aesthetic expectation with the developing technology today has laid the groundwork for the beginning of the use of new substances in dentistry. One of them is porcelain restorations with Zircon infrastructure. Zirconia crown can be used in full crowns, bridges and implant tops, laminate veneers called Leaf crowns, post core construction and restorations such as inlay. In addition, there are orthodontic brackets, implants and abutments with Zircon content. Zirconium crowns are natural and aesthetic thanks to the white color of the zirconium infrastructure and light transmittance. Its compatibility with tissues is quite high, it does not cause an allergic reaction. Due to the methods used in the construction phase, the margin of error is close to zero. They can be finely prepared. He’s very resilient. Gum harmony is good. Does not create sensitivity due to its heat conductivity

    What is Zirconia crown?

    Zirconia is a white material that is used instead of the gray metal that is in the infrastructure of classical metal supported porcelain veneers and bridge prostheses. Zirconia can be used in teeth with excessive coloration that cannot be corrected by whitening, in cases where orthodontic treatment cannot be applied or preferred, and in cases where perplexity, separation is observed in the teeth, in old and large filled teeth, in the construction of coatings and bridges on the front and back teeth, in prostheses above the implant to provide smile aesthetics. Zirconia crown can be easily made after the age of 18-20, when jaw growth is completed. Zirconia teeth are made, approximately 1 – 2 mm from the surface of the tooth is shaved. This shaving process is done by numbing the teeth, and then temporary coatings are made in the form of teeth in color and shape, thereby reducing the whining of the teeth in hot and cold. In addition, temporary coatings make the patient feel more confident in social life. Zirconia crowns are rehearsed until the patient’s satisfaction is achieved and the construction process is completed in approximately 1 Week.

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    How Zirconia crown is done?

    Zirconia crown is done in a similar way to other dental veneer treatments. The most decisive difference between dental coating treatments is, of course, the type of material used for veneer. As with metal-backed coatings, minor corrections and adjustments are made on the teeth that will be coated before zirconium tooth treatment is applied. With these corrections, the tooth is usually reduced and given a form that can fit the coating exactly on it. Zirconia crown, which does not cause any damage to the teeth, is produced by CAD/CAM technology in the laboratory environment according to the mouth and tooth structure, which is specially measured. On top of the zirconium infrastructure produced in the appropriate color for the tooth, the porcelain superstructure is processed and harmonized with the tooth in the clinical environment. In the final stage, it is glued to the tooth by applying the help of special tooth coating adhesives and integrated in such a way that it remains permanently.

    If the patient has a gum problem, some measures are taken to do so. A person’s gum disease is primarily cured. Zirconium teeth can be made after a person’s gum disease has been treated. When tooth loss occurs for any reason, movement begins towards this cavity in neighboring teeth. As a result, gum problems occur in the adjacent teeth, bone loss due to tipping into this cavity, deterioration in aesthetics and changes in chewing forces. If this cavity is not restored with an implant or bridge for a long time, there may also be losses in these neighboring teeth. Zirconium oxide, which is a high-tech product and has proven its durability as a heat shield in space shuttles and as a brake disc in sports cars, is now also used by dentists. The contribution of this technological ceramics developed for dentistry with the application of zirconium smart ceramics to prosthetic treatment is great.

    How to choose clinic for Zirconia crown?

    Dentist and clinic preference is very important in dental treatments. Each dentist’s expertise may be different, and you may not find options for every treatment at every clinic. The first thing you should pay attention to in choosing Zirconia crown clinic is that the dentist who will apply the treatment is experienced. Examine previous treatments and try to meet with patients if necessary. It is important that the clinic is adequately equipped and the latest technology devices are used. Turkey you can find a fully equipped clinics for it. The dentist decides that this treatment is right for you. It may not apply to everyone. You can learn these details from your dentist.

    Why choose Turkey for Zirconia crown?

    There are actually many reasons to be listed here. Zirconia crown Turkey treatment attracts the attention of patients from all over the world. Because the success rate of the treatment is very high, it is economical, it is made by experienced dentists and the material used is very high quality. In addition to this, you can vacation in Turkey during treatment and can have fun.


      Why Zirconia crown is cheaper in Turkey?

      Dental treatment prices in Turkey are very economical for Turkish and foreign patients living abroad. Zirconia crown Turkey produces high quality and fast solutions. The treatment is cheaper than the prices in Turkey are of course reasons. Labor costs are less, most of the material is manufactured in Turkey, transport is easy and cheap and many conveniences are provided to foreign patients. The affordable prices do not mean that the treatment is poor quality. The success rate of the treatment is 100% and it is very high quality. Every patient with zirconium treatment in Turkey, is happily return to his country.

      Zirconium crowns are more expensive than conventional metal-backed porcelain teeth due to high technology requirements and higher investment costs. Due to its long-term success, scratching aesthetic expectations and texture-friendly properties, this cost increase should be met normally. Cost profit calculation when determining the price of a product is decisive in zircon ceramics. As with many products, zirconium-based porcelain teeth determine the price of zircon ceramic production method and whether it is made by a specialized team.





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