A porcelain crown is a permanent tooth veneer. It varies according to the material used for the coating, and metal porcelain and all-ceramic are the most used today. All these different crowns have advantages and disadvantages. Metal back porcelain is the most popular; it is strong and beautiful because the metal at the bottom is closed with porcelain from the top, but the opaque paint used to seal the metal makes this porcelain look more saturated, which seriously affects the natural light transmission of the porcelain, and ultimately affects Cost. Appropriate, construction specifications. The biggest disadvantage is that sometimes the metal underneath it is visible, and chewing gum can also cause the color to darken. We are waiting for you to make an appointment and call us for the best prices.

 Porcelain Crowns Cost in Turkey
Zirconium Porcelain Crowns
Metal Porcelain Crowns x20£1.100,00$1.500,00€1.275,00


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Harry Cox
Harry Cox
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I had 20 zirconium crowns, the overall service was 10/10, the clinic is nice, clean and professional. All the staff from the patient coordinators, the driver, the dentist, assistants were very helpful and friendly. If you are thinking to come here don’t think about it just come!
Robert Cow
Robert Cow
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Everyone at the clinic is very helpful and makes you feel comfortable as you are at hometown. They really do their job very well and professional. Now I have amazing teeth and not embarrassed anymore to smile. So pleased and grateful! Great price great holiday I couldn’t ask for more!
Allison Erik
Allison Erik
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Perfect service from start to finish! I had 4 dental implants, sinus lift, root canal treatment on my first visit. Every single tooth was covered with zirconium crowns for a complete smile design. I’d highly recommend this place! In the UK prices are way out of my range, here you get the affordable prices and the best service!
Paula Entwistle
Paula Entwistle
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I had 12 implants and complete new top and bottom teeth, price and quality of service was amazing! Be sure that you will get the best treatment here. So far I had no problem with my new teeth. Thank you all guys!

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The quality of the material used in the porcelain crown treatment is very important. Porcelain crown treatment is very successful in Turkey. It is durable and the best quality materials are used. Porcelain crowns, which you can get cheaper in other countries, have a shorter lifespan. Guaranteed treatment is provided in Turkey. Turkey is the country you should choose first in the treatment of porcelain crowns.

Although porcelain crowns are a somewhat expensive treatment option, their prices in Turkey are very affordable. Both quality materials are used and prices are cheap. In other words, it is sufficient to allocate a suitable budget for porcelain crown in Turkey. In most dental clinics, service packages already work with the all-inclusive system. This situation is more advantageous for you.

In Turkey, porcelain crowns are finished in 2-3 sessions. In the first session, cuts are made and measurements are taken, and in the second session, porcelain veneer or bridge rehearsal, which is specially produced in the laboratory, is performed. At the laboratory stage, the patient should not be left without teeth. Temporary teeth are made in the same session as the impression taken in the first session and attached to the mouth. The treatment is completed by inserting the temporary tooth in the first session.


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