Dr. Serkan Aygın is a Turkish dermatology doctor and owner of Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic. He has been practicing in the field of hair-loss treatments since 1996. Dr. Serkan offering medical services at his clinic, which he established under his name. He and his medical team perform hair transplant procedures on many patients coming from European and Arab countries.

Education and medical career

He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine at Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine (Çapa). He pursued a Master’s Degree in Clinical Pharmacology at Istanbul University and completed his Dermatology Residency Training Program at Vakıf Gureba Hospital. He worked as a Specialist Doctor in the Outpatient Clinic for Dermatology and Hair Disorders which was incorporated under Vakıf Gureba Hospital.

Dr. Serkan Aygın is considered as one of the first surgeons to perform hair transplant procedures in Turkey.

Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic

Their mission is providing solution-oriented hair transplant procedures with their specialist doctors experts in their fields, treating all of their patients with honest, trustworthy, ethical, and equal service of the highest quality, meeting all the required national and international standards.


Dr. Serkan Aygın has the ‘Hair Transplant Surgery’ award given by ‘European Awards in Medicine’ in 2019.

Also, his clinic received the 8th LA RAZÓN Tourism Award


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