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Hair loss happens in more than sixty percent of men and about ten percent of women. Although a lack of hair on the head can potentially raise the risk of affecting actin and skin cancer, baldness of men and women are conditions that are treated easily. Additionally, hair loss is always a very bad news for any actor, especially if you are Salman Khan. It can produce an actor to have restless nights and troubled moments just by the minor thought, what if my hair falls out? Are there any spectators if I am bald? Should I do Salman Khan hair transplant in order not to lose the reputation? The same thing happened with Salman Khan in 2002 when he began to lose his natural hair.

Salman Khan hair transplant operation that was performed in India

The world of cosmetic/plastic surgeons is very dark, and whenever super actress/actor participates in such procedures, all information is tightly stored under the wrappers. The same thing repeated with the Salman Khan hair transplant procedure. The star was photographed bald in 2003, after an unsuccessful attempt to restore hair in India. In 2005, the actor was photographed with obvious scars on the head, apparently from Salman Khan hair transplant operation that was performed in 2003 in India. Unsupported sources revelled in the fact that in 2007 he went to Dubai, where an American surgeon conducted another procedure for hair transplantation.

The name of the physician who initiated the procedure was never disclosed. Between the years beginning from 2007 to 2013, Salman Khan made many journeys to Dubai, where he gradually performed Salman Khan hair transplant. It is considered that the synthetic fiber was woven into his scalp because Salman did not need natural hair. This time the surgeon has reached perfection since Salman’s hair looks natural and real. Although his scalp bears some scars from several hair restoration procedures that can never heal. Also, despite the fact that the introduction of synthetic hair will continue to cause additional damage if not removed.

Nevertheless, Salman Khan is Salman Khan, he is famous and rich. The actor has all the money in the world to spend on cosmetic/plastic surgeons. Millions of rupees are invested in his films, so his compulsion to go through such a painful Salman Khan hair transplant procedure, and he did it, just to fall into the trap of a beginning surgeon. No one even wants to blame him, because cosmetic operations are shady domains. It’s hard to learn about the reputation of cosmetic surgeons before they really perform the procedure on you. It is ok because all people feel desired to get tempted to visit a plastic/cosmetic surgeon and to look better.



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