Gastric Sleeve is a type of stomach surgery which is applied as a last resort and gives quite successful results. This procedure is performed in cases where the procedures for weight loss such as diet, sports and exercise result in a negative result. If this operation is not performed, you may experience serious health problems and never lose your weight again.

Although it may seem like a very difficult operation, it is actually an easy procedure that is very easy to perform and has a high success rate. It is a surgical procedure to remove a large part of the stomach. In this operation, approximately 80% of the stomach is taken. The purpose of the surgery is to reduce the size of the stomach and to limit the intake of food for the obesity patient. This operation may not be suitable for every patient. Body functions and pre-operative test results should be positive.

The advantages of gastric slevee are that it is laparoscopically applied and thus tissue healing is faster. The patient will recover faster. In the surgery of the stomach tube, the stomach capacity is reduced. However, there is no change in the functions of the stomach. The patient eat less food and thus loses weight.
Step 1: Why should I choose Turkey for Weight Loss Surgery ?

Since the weight loss surgery is a very serious operation, it is important to be performed by specialist doctors. The clinic or hospital where the surgery will be performed is to be in European standards and hygienic is among the most important criteria. The answer to why should I choose Turkey for gastric sleeve is actually very simple. Turkey is one of the countries that has done very successful works in health issues in recent years and has continuously developed itself.

Superior technology, equipment, equipped hospitals and certified doctors used in Turkey are the answers to why you should choose Turkey for Gastric Sleeve. In addition, you will contribute a lot to your budget and save money. Because of staff and service fees in Turkey are lower than Europe, you can be very advantageous prices. When we look at the success rate of this surgery in Turkey, we can see that it has resulted in a very high rate of success. Among the reasons why Turkey is so Preferred, of course, is that it takes advantage of the magnificent beauty of Turkey before and after the operation and allows for a short holiday.

The process is followed very carefully, not only before the surgery, but also after the surgery. You will be followed by specialist doctors in Turkey via telephone and email. You may not need to come back to Turkey for periodic checks. The care and relevance of doctors is one of the reasons preferred for patients. Most of the hospital Turkey accepts international health insurance. Thus, you can take advantage of your health insurance while paying for the operating costs.

Turkish surgeons’ superior success in gastric slevee surgery is a known fact all over the world. If you decide to lose weight with Gastric Slevee Turkey, you have many options.

    Step 2: What are the prices of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey, how much does it cost ?

    Not only for Gastric Sleeve surgery, but also for many other surgical procedures, the prices vary according to the content of the operation, the individual condition of the patient and the material to be used during the operation. The most clear information about the price can be obtained from the hospital or clinic that will perform the operation. But we can easily say that; Gastric Slevee a.k.a stomach reduction  surgery  price in Turkey is at least 2 times cheaper than in other European countries.

    You don’t have to worry about the price. You can be sure that you will receive the world’s most economical and budget-friendly services. Cheap health service does not mean poor service. Please don’t confuse this with each other. In the Turkish health sector, quality is never compromised. These price advantages are directly reflected in patients. Before the operation of the Gastric Sleeve, you need to investigate all the details. Get in touch with your health insurance and get information about payments. The clinic you will be operating on will probably offer you an all inclusive price. The all inclusive package for patients coming from abroad includes air tickets, accommodation, transfers, guidance, surgery and fees for all materials. If you receive service in this way, you do not need to pay extra.

    If you decide to have gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, you can come to Turkey a few days in advance and rest before the surgery. This will be morale for you. We know the risks of surgery are minimal, but every surgical procedure can put you in a state of distress. It would be a good opportunity for you to relieve stress. When you determine Gastric Sleeve prices in Turkey, you should pay attention to these criteria. If you want to get quality and cheap health care, remember that Turkey should be the first choice for you. Gastric slevee in Turkey contribute to your health and your budget. So feel yourself lucky!

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey Reviews
    Step 3: What should I pay attention to when choosing a Gastric Sleeve clinic or hospital in Turkey?

    Gastric slevee surgery is one of the most popular surgical procedures in recent years. People with obesity are preferred. There are a few risk factors for this surgery. It should be done by an expert surgeon. Otherwise, serious complications may occur. Since Turkey is almost a health paradise, you have many clinical and hospital alternatives. In general, gastric slevee surgery is performed successfully in all clinics in Turkey. But if you ask that what i should pay attention to when choosing a gastric sleeve clinic or hospital in Turkey, we can give you a few tips on this.

    You must ensure that the clinic has all the necessary documents and certifications and that the specialists are working on this issue. Do not prefer the clinics that offer prices below the market average. Because the price of this surgery in Turkey is more or less obvious. Very cheap service fee verne clinics, necessarily save on service quality. Another thing to note is that there is guidance service in the clinic that speaks your native language. Language support is very important. It is important for you to tell your doctor your problem in a comfortable way. You should also understand the instructions that the doctor will tell you before and after the surgery.

    It’s not enough to find the clinic where you’re going to be operated. Post-operative care and doctor check is more important. Because the way you should follow in this process, the recommendations that will be presented to you are important to your health. You will be given a program after the surgery, including your nutrition program. If you complete this program, you can achieve the quality of life you dream after the surgery.

    Gastric Sleeve clinics in Turkey has equipment and doctors with complete health standards. You don’t have to think too much about choosing the right clinic and doctor. You can get the best service from most clinics. Your first consultation is very important. This first interview will help you in the decision-making process.
    Step 4: How can I find the best and most suitable Gastric Sleeve doctors in Turkey?

    Before answering the question “How can I find the best and most suitable gastric Sleeve doctors in Turkey”, we would like to give you some technical information about Gastric Slevee. Although this surgery is useful for losing weight fast, it is a risky operation for a large segment. Gastric slevee is a surgical procedure to weaken overweight people. At the same time for the treatment of obesity or type 2 diabetes, gastrointestinal surgery, called bariatric surgery is included in the group.

    It is an operation performed for patients whose body mass index is above 40 and over, but also has a fat mass over 30 percent. At the same time, the body mass index is 35 and above, diabetes, hypertension, muscle-joint problems, lung disease, such as patients with severe disease is suitable for this surgery. There are about 4,000 professional surgeons in Turkey. Only 10% of them are specialists in obesity surgery. Therefore, make sure your doctor is competent in this selection.

    Your greatest help in finding the most suitable doctor is undoubtedly the internet. But while searching for a doctor on the Internet, first check in detailed for comments and reviews about the doctor. Another effective method is the doctor you find on the recommendation. If you have experienced successful references to a doctor and have experienced patients who continue their healthy lives after gastric slevee surgery, this doctor’s choice will be an advantage for you.

    The first criterion you will get on the basis of gastric slevee doctor advice is that the doctor has a successful history and international certifications. Of course, the status of the clinic and hospital, hygiene status, patient satisfaction service, opportunities and prices are also important.

    Your first consultation with your doctor is very important. It is not necessary for the doctor to have your surgery and the doctor you are interviewing. To get ideas, you can talk to all doctors. We even advise you to talk to a few doctors. So you learn the answers to all the questions you wonder and decide for yourself.

      Step 5: What are the Gastric Sleeve results and patient experiences in Turkey?

      Some patients complain that they regain weight after gastric slevee surgery. Such a thing is possible? Of course, it may be. This is due to the fact that the patient chooses the wrong nutrition program and does not comply with the instructions given. This is not just for people who have the surgery in Turkey is valid for everyone. You should be cautiously fed after surgery no matter which country you are operating in. Otherwise, it is difficult to see the effect of surgery. So, what is the success rate of gastric slevee in Turkey?

      We can easily say that the success rate is more than 90%. Thanks to the successful operation of Turkey Gastric surgeons, there are thousands of happy patients who regain their ideal weight. The patient experiences in Turkey are generally very positive and they are returning to their country very satisfied with the result. The patient’s comments will affect your decision whether or not to have this surgery. Although it is usually decided by looking at the comments posted on the internet, it is also important to remember that some negative comments can be written intentionally.

      Weight gain after gastric slevee surgery is usually between 10 and 15%. Patients do not eat too much because they are afraid that their stomachs will explode during the 6 months after the surgery and they pay attention to what they eat. All negativities may start after the 6th month. They can remember their usual eating regimen after 6 months and disrupt the nutrition program. Therefore, patients should be followed by doctors after the surgery. If there are disturbances such as eating disorders, psychological problems, these should be intervened. After the operation, fizzy drinks should be avoided. Such drinks trigger reflux disease and adversely affect the process. Also smoking is one of the main enemies of this disease. Since the rate of carbon dioxide increases in the blood, patients with gastric sleve surgery should not smoke after the surgery.

      This is not the doctor’s fault if you do not comply with the protection methods mentioned and do not pay attention to them after the surgery. It is entirely from you. You must follow these instructions. Otherwise, the success rate of surgery will be very low. , if you find any negative comments at Gastric sleeve patient reviews In Turkey, know that the comments given by patients who do not comply with the instructions given. They defended their own mistakes, doctors do. While reading reviews with this kind of criticism, we recommend that you do not consider this.


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