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Hair transplantation is the most effective way to restore hair on the head with diagnosed alopecia (baldness). Every day, we lose about a hundred hairs. However, there is no cause for concern. The fallen hair will grow anew. However, if a large amount of hair regularly remains on your hairbrush, then this is already a sign of hair loss. Various shampoos and cosmetics promise to help, but at best, you can get a temporary effect, which will only stop the loss of hair for a while. After a while, your hair will start falling out again. In most cases, hair transplantation can be an effective treatment method that has a lasting result.

Hair transplantation is a minimally invasive surgical operation whose essence consists in removing hair follicles from the donor site and implanting them into the bald zone. Depending on the stage of the disease, the operation can last from 2 to 9 hours. As a rule, the source of the follicles for transplantation is the occipital part of the head. Usually, the procedure begins with the preparation of a doctor’s individual treatment plan. In rare cases (with diabetes, hypertension, acute dermatitis, allergies, low blood clotting), hair transplantation is contraindicated. In addition, for hair transplantation, there should be enough hair in the donor zone. If the operation is impossible, it is necessary to begin supporting therapy immediately. Transplanted hair will continue to grow in the same way as in healthy areas. Newly acquired hair will help to hide scars and bald patches. The patient will not need to use lotions and hormones to stop baldness. The procedure will return a presentable appearance and the patient will be able to have a normal lifestyle.

For hair transplantation, it is better to contact a specialized institution that has professional trichologists in its staff. The procedures of hair transplantation are very specific. Therefore, they require special equipment (including the thinnest needles less than 1 mm in diameter) and qualified trichologists who regularly raise the level of skill.

FUE is a gentle and effective method of hair transplantation.

To date, hair transplantation is the only innovative method of treatment of hair loss, which guarantees a long-term result. The technology of follicular hair extraction by the seamless method (FUE) is recognized internationally and is considered the most modern and most sparing method of hair transplantation. Individual hair follicles (so-called grafts) are extracted from the area of thick hair growth on the head with a thin, hollow needle, and are transplanted into an area where the hair is absent. In this place of the head, a new hair begins to grow. Due to the small diameter of each transplant, they quickly heal and do not form scars. With this method, the tissue heals faster and less painfully than with other methods of hair transplantation.

Despite the fact that hair transplant has become very popular in many countries, there are several countries that carry out this procedure more often and more successfully than others do. Turkey and India can be emphasized from most countries that make hair transplant at a high level (Germany, Thailand, Georgia, Mexico, Philippines, Czech Republic, USA, and UK etc.).

Turkey is the leader in hair transplantation.

Turkey took the first place in terms of the number of hair transplant operations, mainly due to the growing demand from patients of the Persian Gulf countries. In Turkey, more than 200 hair transplant operations are performed daily, the bulk of which is for foreign patients. In addition, approximately 5,000 patients every month come to Turkey to restore their hair with the help of surgery. Turkey has become the leader due to its proximity to the Arab countries, moderate prices, and high quality of operations. Most patients represent the countries of the Persian Gulf, Germany, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Libya. The transplantation operation takes only a few hours but the patients equally stay in Turkey. Hair transplant patients spend an average of five days in Turkey, although they can return within two days after the operation. Moreover, the Government of Turkey actively funds this medical area. A large number of leading and experienced surgeons in Turkey offer a hair transplant procedure that has the same quality but the more affordable price compared to Europe or the USA. Hair transplantation using the FUE method in Germany costs about 2500 euros and in the US, it’s even 3500 euro. In Turkey, the cost of this procedure is much lower, only about 1500 euros. Turkish transplant surgeons have earned the trust of doctors and patients all over the world. Transplantation in Turkey is very beneficial and convenient for patients because of its location. Most tourists prefer Turkey because it is almost the center of the world, where planes fly from all over the world. In Turkey, there are excellent JCI accredited clinics, which allows patients to be confident in choosing a country. Similarly, doctors are highly qualified specialists in their field, which makes it possible to conduct the procedure at a high level and obtain the expected result.

India is competing with Turkey.

The number of Americans and patients from the West who made hair transplants in India and other Asian countries is over 97,000. Many of these medical tourists traveled to India in search of a more affordable option than in their home country. Prices for hair transplantation in India are much lower than they are in the West and America. Therefore, the increase in healthcare costs in Western countries contributes to the growth of hair transplantation in countries such as India. Many hair transplant clinics and hospitals in India offer the service such as the package of medical tourism. It covers other services such as accommodation, travel as well as post-surgery care. There are many good reasons for traveling to India for surgical hair transplantation. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • As noted earlier, the patient will save money. Hair transplant prices are much lower in India than in European countries.
  • Many of the doctors working in hospitals in India have been educated in Western universities.
  • Most of the hair transplant doctors in India use the latest technology.
  • Doctors in India fluently speak English, so there will be no language barrier.
  • Hair transplant doctors in India also understand Western culture and the American mentality to provide the patient with peace of mind.

If you compare the hair transplant in Turkey and India, then it is hard to determine what is better. However, patients give preference to Turkey. It is the leader in hair transplantation and is very successful in this field. It is easier to come to Turkey than to India because of distance and documents, too. However, for most residents of Asian countries, India is an excellent option. In Turkey, hair transplantation costs from $ 1500 and in India from $ 750. Everything depends on the number of necessary grafts.

Hair transplants abroad become an increasingly popular procedure. However, do not forget that transplantation involves a certain risk and its success largely depends on the skill and professionalism of the doctor. Therefore, do not neglect the choice of the country and the clinic.




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