How Does It Work? |

How Does It Work?


First, check the details about the treatment on our website

We share up-to-date information about the details of your treatment on our website. We explain every step of the treatment and inform our patients. You will find the treatment steps, frequently asked questions, how the treatment is performed, the recovery time and all other details here. Pictures before and after treatment will give you an idea


Call us and request an appointment

In the second stage, you must contact us. It is difficult to get detailed information on the phone and by e-mail. The doctor must talk to you before a plan can be made for your treatment. The pictures you send us will be the first step in creating your treatment program. Your health history, medications you use, and some questions your doctor will ask you will help us decide how to treat you.


Make an appointment for treatment

When making an appointment for your treatment, be sure to call us. It can be difficult to find a place during peak periods. If you want to make an appointment on a convenient date for you, call us immediately.


Make a travel plan

After making your appointment, you can start making a travel plan. We can assist you with flight tickets, accommodation and other details. If you wish, we can offer our all-inclusive treatment packages for you. All these services are included in this service pack. So you won’t have to worry about other details and you will be able to travel comfortably and safely.


Make your treatment

When you come to Turkey, we will be with you in all stages. We will meet you at the airport and accompany you to your hotel. Our dedicated customer representative and multi-lingual guides will assist you in all matters. The first examination in our fully equipped hospital is free of charge. The doctor will listen to your complaints and tell you all the details about your treatment. The first step of your treatment will be taken in this way.


Free Check up

After your treatment is complete, before returning to your country, you will be checked by your doctor and make sure everything is fine. This checkup is free.


Return home in a healthy way

Your treatment is complete and you are new. It is time to return to your home in a safe and healthy way.

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Letsmedi was established in 2019 to provide people with a flawless health service within the scope of international health tourism.

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Copyright © 2020 Letsmedi – Have a difference!