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Hair transplant results are not seen overnight. However, it varies from person to person depending on different factors. Soon after the surgery, one may start experiencing hair fall, Then the hair starts growing again, but you will not be happy with the initial growth as the hair will be thin and in low volume.

Only after six months of the hair transplant procedure, you will experience healthy hair growth and the final and desired results can be seen in the next 10th month after the hair transplant procedure. One needs to have patience during and post the surgery. As it will take time to get the results, but once the results are seen, that is permanent and very appealing. A hair transplant procedure can guarantee you the desired results. So in this blog, we are as will explain to our readers all the details about the hair transplantation procedure.

A hair transplantation procedure is a surgical procedure to regrow hair on the bald area. The results are not seen immediately, and it takes around 10-12 months to get the final results of hair restoration.

Hair grafts from the back and the sides of the head are implanted on the bald area through a different surgical procedure like FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and Choi pens.

Hair transplant results after post-operative

Hair Transplant is a susceptible procedure. The adherence to some primary post-operative care will help yield good results. Most of the things mentioned below do not need a lot of extra time outside of your routine. All you need to do is just be a little more understanding of the fact that you have undergone a procedure.

And this more important as Clinics will try to minimize any intra or post-operative discomfort, and patients sometimes tend to careless as they do not feel anything at all.

The first day of the hair transplant procedure.

On discharge, you would be provided with a headband over the forehead region and a surgical cap.

You should use the cap for three days and can remove the cap at the time of spraying (mentioned below), but you should wear the headband continuously for the next five days. A spray bottle with the Normal Saline solution is also provided to you on discharge. You need to spray the transplanted hair area with this liquid starting from the day of the procedure. For the first two days, you should spray over the transplanted hair area once every hour, and then from Day 3rd to Day 5th of the hair transplant procedure, you should spray the transplanted area at two-hourly intervals. There is no need to get up at night to spray during sleeping hours. You may use clean and pure water (bottled drinking water)

once the Normal Saline solution provided is finished.  Spraying is necessary as it stops scab formation and keeps the grafts hydrated. On the day of the discharge, you should also start with the forehead massage. You are also advised to sleep on a flat surface or with a thin pillow for the next five days to prevent swelling over the forehead. It is recommended not to wash your head for the initial four days after the transplant.

Hair transplant results On Day 5, post-operative.

To get full Hair transplant results, you can wash the transplanted area with water alone by pouring water gently with a mug over the non-transplanted area of the scalp, so the water just seeps over the transplanted hair grafts. You can also block the flow of water partially with your other hand, so waterfalls with less pressure over the grafts. Allow your hair to dry naturally, do not towel dry or blow-dry your hair.

Hair transplant results On Day 7, post-operative.

To get full Hair transplant results, you can wash your scalp area by using shampoo with water. Mix a coin size amount of baby shampoo in a mug of water and pour it gently over your hair transplanted area of the head. You can partially block the flow of the water by using your other hand so that the scalp is not subjected to intense, direct pressure. Rinse off any remaining soapy solution. Do not stand under a shower directly. Allow your hair to dry naturally, and do not use a towel dry or blow-dry your hair.

Hair transplant results On Day 10, post-operative.

The transplanted hair area should be washed as follows. If you are in town, you should come to the clinic for this wash. In case you cannot reach, you can also do this yourself at home. First, apply some aloe-vera gel gently on the hair transplanted area and keep it for ten to fifteen minutes to soften the crusts. Afterward, take a coin size amount of baby shampoo on your head and lightly apply over the transplanted area with fingertips in a back to the forward direction, making sure not to rub/scratch the transplanted area. Wash the shampoo by pouring some water on the head gently with a mug.

Hair transplant results after the second shampoo wash on day 10:

To get full Hair transplant results, you can wash your hair regularly using the baby shampoo/prescribed shampoo twice a week. The scabs should be removed gently at the time of each head wash. You mustn’t rub/scratch the hair transplanted area.

Covering the hair transplanted area:

To get the hair transplant results, you should continue to wear the surgical cap provided to you for three days after the hair transplant procedure. You can start wearing the routine hat (Polo, cricket, etc.) from the third day onwards. Make sure that the regular cap doesn’t intrude over the graft area/ put pressure over the recipient area. While wearing the hat, make sure you wear it from back to the forward direction to avoid stress on the hair transplanted area.

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Hair transplant results need some instructions for the donor area.

  1. Sleeping Instructions: Hair transplant results need some instructions for the donor area during sleeping. There is a bandage in the donor area that well makes it slightly uncomfortable to sleep. Please try to lie down flat on your back with a very thin pillow under your neck. Also try to keep a dark-colored towel on your pillow, as there will be some soiling of the reddish fluid from the donor area. It is not the blood but the fluid coming out of the donor area. It is a normal phenomenon and you should not be worried about it.
  2. Hair transplant results need some instructions immediately after the hair transplant procedure, your donor area would be bandaged. Remove your bandage on the third postoperative day. Try to wet the bandage with the saline so as to soften the area and then remove the bandage softly. There might be some ooze coming out of the donor area. You would be presented with some special bandage pieces after the hair transplant procedure, use them to clean the discharge. After the removal of the bandage on the third day, apply the antibiotic ointment designated to you over the entire donor area as a thin layer. Take the coin-sized amount of the antibiotic and apply it gently using your fingertips twice daily for the next 5 days. You may also feel some itching in the donor area due to the crusts. In this case, try to apply some Aloe Vera gel over the donor area and remove it after ten minutes using a clean piece of bandage provided to you.

Hair transplant results will be great if you take all these instructions in mind. Hair transplant results will be greater also if you care about your hair always, be far hairdryer, and chemical shampoos to get the full Hair transplant results.


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