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In terms of health tourism, Turkey is the most popular country in the World. People who came to Turkey to find healing from many countries of Europe prefer both the success rate of the surgeries performed and the economical prices compared to other countries. Especially Gastric Sleeve surgery’s success rate in Turkey is 98%. Its experienced doctors, clinics equipped with the latest technology, the cheap prices and the services offered generally to be inclusive, has made health tourism center of Turkey.

The average operation time of this surgery is 1 hour and it is recommended to stay in hospital for 4 days. Within 2 days, the patient recovers and tries to adjust to the new nutrition program. In this article, we will discuss the details of gastric sleeve surgery, how it is performed in Turkey. And we’ll also answer the question of “How much gastric sleeve cost“. Not only in Turkey, but wherever you operate in the world, please note that prices may differ. The experience of the doctor may vary depending on the condition of the clinic and other factors. We will inform you about the average prices. You should talk to your doctor for a clear price.

About Gastric Sleeve

Many people suffer from being overweight. They often experience physical complaints and even health problems due to excessive weight. Problems such as cardiovascular diseases, knee, hip and back problems, diabetes, respiratory failure (apnea) or severe snoring occur. If this limit is exceeded and the body is significantly affected, it is the beginning of obesity according to experts. This is a body mass index (BMI) equivalent to 40 and more (40 kg / m2).

Gastric Sleeve (stomach reduction or gastric surgery) is a limited gastric surgery where a part of the organ is completely removed. This means that the surgeon will reduce the stomach by 80-90% and place a 2-3 cm tube in the stomach. This corresponds to a new stomach volume of 85-150 ml. In contrast, an invariably natural stomach usually holds 2-3 liters. It is a limited invasive gastric surgery performed by laparoscopy technique by general anesthesia by specialist doctor. The length of hospital stay in Turkey is about 5-7 days.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Before the operation, some preliminary examinations and examinations should be performed to ensure that no inflammation or tumor is present. The liver, pancreas and gall bladder should also be examined. For overweight patients with a body mass index of over 40, high-protein fluid should be consumed 10 to 14 days prior to gastric surgery. During this time, only liquid and protein-rich foods can be consumed to reduce liver lubrication. Gastric slevee surgery is one of the so-called “metabolic operations” in Turkey. This is usually caused by a blockage of the gastrointestinal hormones, such as ghrelin, which occurs by inserting a large gastric sleeve during gastric reduction

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and lasts an average of 1 hour. This is a laparoscopic surgery. This means that several skin incisions are made approximately two centimeters in the abdomen where the camera and devices are placed. With a cutting tool, most of the stomach is cut and the stitch is closed at the same time. The patient should be hospitalized for three to four days for follow-up. Gastric sleeve surgery is performed in European standards and equipped clinics and hospitals in Turkey. You are under control by doctors and their team of specialists until you recover. You will also have the opportunity to have a vacation in Turkey before and after the surgery.

Another advantage of gastric Sleeve surgery is that no foreign material (such as the stomach band) is placed in the body and no change is made in the inner and outer part of the stomach. Thus, a few weeks after the surgical procedure, the patient can consume all the foods without any restriction and the stomach continues to function naturally. In addition, studies have shown that a limited gastric surgery has significant improvements in metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

Gastric Sleeve price in Turkey

Not only in the health sector, but in almost all sectors, prices vary according to the quality of service and the quality of materials used. Gastric sleeve cost may also differ in some clinics and hospitals. But Gastric Sleeve price in Turkey, around 3,500 – ranged from 4,500 euros. Turkish hospitality is also evident in the health sector. Especially for patients coming from abroad, “all inclusive concept” is applied.

Patient transportation costs, hotel expenses and accommodation, all meals expenses for the duration of his stay in Turkey is calculated as included in the price. Airport and hotel transfers are also included. So briefly; The price is charged so that you do not have to pay any extra fee. The same service will get at least 50- 60 % more expensive in Europe. Do you understand now the reason that why so many preferred Turkey? Another aim of the patients who are operated in Turkey is to have a short vacation in Turkey within the scope of the operation fee. To reduce the stress experienced before the surgery.

After Gastric Sleeve

98% of patients who performed gastric sleeve surgery In Turkey, return to their country as happy and healthy. The part which is 2% does not follow the diet program given by the doctors after surgery. Because there’s something more important than surgery. After surgery, to eat healthy. If you don’t apply the nutritional program in 6 months, the surgery will be of no use. If you haven’t decided to have surgery in Turkey yet, ask your doctor for gastric sleeve before and after pictures and videos. These contents are still available on every click’s website. If you can’t find it on the website, Ask your doctor privately. You can see and decide before – after pictures. You can also read the comments of the patients who have successfully operated in Turkey in social media and health forums. These comments will help you decide.


Dr. Hasan Erdem

Assoc. Prof. Hasan Erdem has 20+ years experince in Gastric Sleeve & Bypass & Balloon with 5000+ satisfied patients in Turkey.

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