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Deciding on a tummy tuck surgery, a person is only at the very beginning of the path to his new appearance. At this moment patients have the most important task, which will determine the success of the whole event – the choice of the best tummy tuck surgeon London and the clinic. In order not to make a mistake and make the right choice, on which not only your beauty but also your health depends, you should remember some points that you should definitely ask your best tummy tuck surgeon London. Do not worry that you ask too much and take away from the surgeon time, or that your questions seem stupid. Remember, a good surgeon must give the patient the amount of attention that he requires and clarify all the nuances, without exception, even the most insignificant.

A plastic surgeon is a specialist who will change your appearance forever and will bear full responsibility for it. That is why the choice of such a specialist must be approached extremely carefully. Tummy tuck or so-called abdominoplasty is a serious operation, which means that it needs the guidance and experience of a trained medical specialist. Make sure that you are in safe hands, choosing the best tummy tuck surgeon London.

All that the future patient need to know before the plastic surgery can be conditionally divided into several blocks: the doctor’s recommendations, the operation itself, rehabilitation after the operation, the location of the operation, the documentation. This sequence is most convenient for the patient’s perception and logical for the best tummy tuck surgeon London.

  • Surgeon’s recommendations. Below are the questions from which each patient should initiate communication with the best tummy tuck surgeon London. This will help you to understand if the specialist is suitable for you, his methods and views, and also will help to avoid unsuccessful development of events when the patient remains dissatisfied with the results. Sometimes it happens that understanding was not achieved and the surgeon did what he felt was right, not taking into account the wishes of the patient.
  1. How does the best tummy tuck surgeon London see the solution to your problem? Ideally, you will be offered several options: for example, if you are asked for a tummy tuck, the surgeon can offer you both full abdominoplasty (standard) and mini-abdominoplasty, depending on the condition of your fat deposits and muscles.
  2. What results can the best tummy tuck surgeon London forecast? And can he/she? Of course, the surgeon sees how the tummy will look, but promising anything in surgery is a risky occupation. And you can put a separate plus to the surgeon if he or she honestly warns you about all.
  3. Will it be necessary to repeat the intervention (in general or with time)? In case of an affirmative answer, how many stages do you need? It is extremely important to understand initially what you are going on, and not gradually learn about it.
  4. Does the surgeon see any alternative solutions to your problem? If so, which ones? If not, why?
  • Ask the best tummy tuck surgeon London to describe to you the procedure for performing the surgery. Of course, the terms that the surgeon will express may not tell you anything, but you will be sure that the person, to whom you are going to entrust yourself, respects you, your interest, and your money. Be sure to ask the best tummy tuck surgeon London to show pictures of patients with similar situations before and after operations. A clear example will finally convince you to decide on an operation or abandon it altogether. If the surgeon refuses to show photos of his patients before and after, most likely, they simply do not exist and we do not advise to decide on the operation in this case.
  • Rehabilitation period. The most interesting questions about the rehabilitation period should also be raised at the first consultation: How long will it take for you to stay in the clinic after the operation? How often do you need to go to the dressings and follow-up visits to the doctor? If you come from another country or city, calculate the days of your stay very carefully, because in the initial postoperative period it is extremely important to be under the supervision of the attending physician. How will be your rehabilitation period? What kind of rehabilitation procedures do you need to perform? The patient should clearly realize how much time he/she will spend in the clinic and when he/she can go out and work. Such knowledge facilitates the life of both the surgeon and the patient – there are no fictitious, unjustified expectations. What complications are possible after the surgical intervention recommended to you? However, all of the complications are temporary but the patient must know what to expect, the surgeon must tell the patient everything that can happen.
  • Organizational matters. After you have raised all the questions that interest you about the operation itself, it is worth paying attention to the organizational aspects. Be sure to ask your best tummy tuck surgeon London the following questions:
  1. How is equipped the clinic in which you are going to be operated: is there a resuscitation unit and intensive care units in it?
  2. What preoperative examination do you need? In the case, when it is necessary to pass only a couple of tests, we advise you to be on the alert and start looking for another clinic for the operation. Does the surgeon have permission to conduct such an operation? A certificate of plastic surgeon is obliged to provide you with the first request.
  3. Does the clinic have a license? The doctor is obligated to provide it to you on demand. The clinic should have a license that states that it is possible to carry out operations like yours. This is your safety.
  4. What documents accompanying the operation are provided to the patient? The contract, the annexes to the contract, the paid account, the information consent to anesthesia and surgical intervention – these documents must be in the patient’s hands.


Some more recommendations that will help you find the best tummy tuck surgeon London

  • Private recommendations are very valuable. Do not shy to ask your friends and relatives for referrals if they received a similar procedure (tummy tuck). In addition, you can get some ideas from your family doctor and other familiar physicians. Remember that plastic surgery is an extremely competitive area. Do not be confused by organizations that claim to be the best or only because it eliminates many other specialists who may be the best option for your specific problems. Ask about doctors’ fellowship training (specialized practice on special procedures). Consult with the state’s medical council to check the license, certification, and education of the surgeon.
  • Pay attention to the cost of the tummy tuck surgery. During you communicate with surgeons and learn about the tummy tuck, you will have a concept and the average price for the operation. Nobody wants to overpay, but to give less money and suffer because of this is also not an option. Why do some doctors overstate prices, while others are ready to do everything at a low cost? The main reason is the inexperience of the surgeon. A novice physician has no name and an impressive list of successfully performed operations, so he/she is ready to hone his or her skills on newly arrived patients. This, of course, does not mean that all its customers are unhappy with the result. However, the risk of mistakes of such a master is great.
  • Another sign of the inexperience of a doctor is too long operation. Any operation should take a minimum amount of time. Otherwise, your body will feel pain from reducing the anaesthesia. It is clear that an experienced and the best tummy tuck surgeon London copes with the task rather than his less skilled colleague. Another important point is the doctor’s readiness to perform an operation “tomorrow”. Doctors who are popular, at best, have an option to give you tummy tuck in a month (do not forget also that you need time to take all the tests and make sure that you do not have serious infectious and chronic diseases). The one, who is ready to operate on you the next day after the consultation, causes too much suspicion.



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