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When it comes to stubborn pouches of fat, there is perhaps no worse area than the ankles and calves. These are 2 areas where fat growth is almost solely due to genetics. Thick calves (so-called “cankles”) can now be a matter of the past when patients know about calf liposuction UK. As a qualified doctor dealing solely in liposuction, his artistic eye and technique have been finely honed to assist any candidate obtain relief from ankle and calf fat.

Calf liposuction UK are done as a single procedure

Neither calf liposuction UK nor ankle liposuction is commonly performed on its own. Instead, the surgeon must shape the whole lower leg for the most charming effects. For this reason, both ankle and calf liposuction UK are done as a single procedure to guarantee that the proportions of the lower leg are maintained. In some situations, the doctor may also conduct liposuction of the thighs and knees to form the entire leg. In conducting liposuction of any kind, the surgeon biggest concern is making sure overall proportions are right. His goal in performing liposuction is not weight loss. It is establishing a patient’s natural attraction through the elimination of stubborn fat. In order to obtain the best outcomes from calf liposuction UK, he takes every aspect of the body into account.

In performing calf liposuction UK, the surgeon applies a tool called a cannula. This is a thin iron tube that the doctor tenderly injects into the fat layer of the ankles and calves. By accurately moving the cannula gently back and forth through the fat layer, while waiting absolutely parallel to the skin, he is ready to break up the fat cells, which are then absorbed through the cannula (out of the body). As with every procedure, calf liposuction UK is done with minimally invasive tumescent liposuction. This means that during the whole procedure, only local anesthetic is applied. You are not knocked out, and this method leads to quicker healing and greater quality results than more invasive forms of liposuction.


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