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In recent years, Turkey has become one of the most visited countries. Many people from all over the world come to Turkey to be acquainted with its rich history and culture, to admire its nature. In addition, huge among of people visit Turkey for health, too. Here everyone can find an occupation. According to the report, the number of foreign tourists who visited Turkey in the first nine months of 2016 reached 20.25 million. This leads Turkey to the seventh place in the world in terms of attendance by tourists.

Facts about Turkey

  • Turkey, the official name is the Republic of Turkey, was formed in the early 1920s because of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the overthrow of the monarchy.
  • In the east, Turkey borders with Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. In the south, with Iraq and Syria. In the west, with Greece and Bulgaria. Turkey is washed by four seas: Black, Mediterranean, Aegean, and Marmara. 97% of the territory of Turkey is located in Asia and 3% in Europe.
  • Geographical feature of Turkey is the location at the crossroads of important routes that from ancient times connect Europe with Asia, the Black Sea countries and nations with Mediterranean.
  • Today, through the territory of Turkey, there are highway and railway lines connecting Europe with many countries of Asia.
  • Turkey is a predominantly mountainous country. In this regard, the climate of the country has on average a mountain character and features of the continental climate. Summer in Turkey is ubiquitously hot and winters are snowy and cold.
  • Turkish culture is so rich and multifaceted that it does not fit into any simple definition. For thousands of years, the traditions of many peoples of Anatolia, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and, of course, the ancient world have mixed together.
  • The Republic of Turkey is a country where not only classical but also medical tourism (Turkey for health tourism) is well developed. Annually, the country has about 600,000 medical tourists from Germany, England, the Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Middle East, and Arab countries.
  • It is very easy to get to Turkey from any corner of the world. Turkish airlines operate scheduled flights on 37 domestic and 119 international flights to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the USA. The main one is Ataturk International Airport.

Health system in Turkey

To date, millions of people visit Turkey for health purpose. In Turkey, the health care system is organized quite difficult because different organizations are involved in this sector. The Ministry of Health coordinates the entire health system. Medical services are provided by state, private and charitable organizations. Foreign patients generally can use the services of private clinics.In Turkey, medical insurance is accepted. However, emergency medical treatment in public hospitals is free of charge.

Turkish health care is not inferior in quality to the European one. Today, the clinics of Turkey are recognized in the whole world of medicine. Modern, JCI certified clinics and hospitals are equipped with advanced medical equipment, English-speaking qualified surgeons and other specialists, highly qualified medical staff, and excellent patient care. This is a great incentive for foreigners to choose Turkey for health purpose.

Medicine in Turkey is characterized by the highest quality of services provided and the low cost of treatment. Turkish clinics offer their patients effective treatment in such areas of medicine as plastic and reconstructive surgery, oncology, infertility, cardiology, cosmetic dentistry, internal organ transplantation, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, etc.

The vast majority of clinics in Turkey are equipped with modern equipment and the patients are treated according to the latest medical technologies. Turkish doctors receive knowledge and experience in the best European and American medical schools and hospitals. Every year the flow of patients from America, Europe, and Arab countries is increasing. The Turkish government, which is interested in the development of medical tourism and private medicine, provides enormous support to patients who came to Turkey for health.

Popular treatments and costs in Turkey

World tourism statistics show that Turkey is in the top ten most popular destinations for foreign treatment. Many Europeans and Americans choose Turkey for health improvement. The main reason for choosing this country is significant savings in treatment with high quality of medical services. Most hospitals in Turkey have doctors and medical personnel in their staff who speak English. They are certified by the Turkish Medical Association and are members of organizations according to their specialization. For example, the Association of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery.

In this country, many medical centers vary in their directions. However, there are basic directions of Turkish medicine:

  • Hair transplantation. Turkey is the number one for hair transplant all over the world. In clinics, they make transplantation using the latest methods. All patients who did hair transplant in Turkey were pleased with the result as they completely restored the luxury of their hair. A large team of medical personnel specializing in hair transplantation work in beautiful clinics in Turkey. The clinic provides patients who arrived in Turkey with a written guarantee that the transplanted hair will not fall out and will look 100% natural. Local anesthesia is used so that the patient does not feel pain.
  • In the leading centers of Turkey, they carry out bone marrow transplantation and nuclear medicine, which are the latest developments in curing cancer. If we talk about the benefits of cancer treatment in Turkey, it is worth paying attention to rather low prices in comparison with other European countries. A good example is the many stories of patients cured in Turkey, who were previously considered hopeless in their country.
  • Ophthalmology is an area of medicine that studies the eye, its anatomy, physiology and disease, and develops methods of treatment and prevention of eye diseases. This area consists of laser vision correction, glaucoma treatment, and cataract removal. Today, ophthalmologic clinics of Turkey with a worldwide reputation use more than 240 different modern methods of eye treatment and provide the most advanced technologies in the treatment of various diseases. The clinic performs all kinds of diagnostics and treatment of a wide range of eye diseases, including post-traumatic complications or retinal injuries.
  • Plastic surgery. It is quite popular because the Turkish doctors are known for their competence in this matter. The cost of plastic surgery in Turkey is much cheaper than in Europe, and the high professionalism of Turkish plastic surgeons, their many years of practical experience and international certificates guarantee a high class as a result. In the clinics of plastic surgery in Turkey, you can get consultations about the optimal surgical intervention to obtain the expected effect: circular face plastic, ear plastic surgery, nose shape modification, liposuction, lipolysis, body contouring by non-surgical intervention, etc.
  • Reproductive medicine. In order to get rid of infertility, the best methods of treatment are used. In addition, artificial insemination is successfully carried out. Turkish scientists have developed and implemented a unique technology of genetic study of the embryo before its replanting. This makes it possible to prevent the development of some diseases in it or even to exclude the appearance of a sick child at all.

Prices for treatment in Turkey are much more affordable than in European countries or America. Patients have the opportunity to save a lot of money while getting the highest quality. Most of the medical companies in Turkey include all services at once: the cost of an operation or procedure, hotel accommodation, an interpreter if necessary, a transfer. You need to clarify clearly what expenses your company can cover. You may have additional costs if you bring an accompanying person. In addition, if you have any complications after surgery, you may need to stay in the country for a few more days. Be attentive and clarify all matters when choosing Turkey for health improvement or treatment.

Approximate prices for some medical services

  • Breast plastic surgery : from $ 2,200 to $ 5,500
  • Facial plastic : from $ 2000 to $ 7000
  • Hair transplantation : from $ 1500 to $ 3750
  • Ear surgery : from $ 750 to $ 2750
  • Rhinoplasty : about $ 2000 to $ 4500
  • Abdominoplasty and buttock lift : from $ 1750 to $ 5,500
  • Laser vision correction : from $ 4350 to $ 5000
  • Hip replacement : about $ 10,500


Cities and clinics/hospitals in Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has firmly taken the world’s leading positions in terms of medical care. Advanced technologies, innovative approaches, highly qualified personnel and high-quality service attract hundreds of thousands of patients to the most developed Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Mersin. The bright and diverse cultural atmosphere of the big cities of Turkey provides a safe and friendly environment for patients and their accompanying people during the treatment and recovery period.

Many accredited medical institutions in Turkey belong to the branches of leading American clinics, for example, Harvard Medical International. Hospitals are equipped with new modern medical equipment. Moreover, the staff has sufficient qualifications; more than 35 percent have been trained in Western countries and the United States. The best medical clinics/hospitals in Turkey:

  • Anadolu is a wide-ranging clinic with excellent curative programs. Known for their cooperation with the US center Johns Hopkins. The hospital network provides medical services at the world level. The Anadolu Medical Center has gained its popularity primarily thanks to the latest equipment for diagnosing the pathologies of the human body. It allows you to make an accurate diagnosis.
  • Medical Park consists of 18 clinics, four of which are accredited by the organization JCI. The network of clinics Medical Park can be called the leading system of medical institutions not only in Istanbul but also throughout the country. Qualified specialists and professors of sciences have vast experience in the treatment of cancer and organ transplantation. Another advantage of this complex of hospitals is high-tech equipment, for example, the clinic has a positron emission tomography, as well as a linear accelerator.
  • Acibadem is involved in all the main treatment areas, including the Department of Thyroid Pathology and Thoracic Surgery, as well as the Center for Reproductive Health and Stroke Care. The network of medical centers Acibadem is a whole group of high-quality multidisciplinary hospitals and polyclinics in Turkey. The complex of 14 medical institutions is one of the largest in the country and annually receives thousands of patients from all over the world. Due to the high level of doctors’ qualifications, modern equipment, and advanced methods of treatment, Acibadem is one of the leaders among medical institutions in Turkey competing with American and European clinics.
  • MEMORIAL is the first Turkish clinic, which received the JCI certificate. It is a member of the Association of American Hospitals and closely cooperates with the world’s leading medical centers (Cleveland, Mayo and so on). The main medical services of the clinic are the diagnosis and treatment of leukemia and malignant neoplasms, bone marrow transplantation, operations with the Da Vinci Robot, liver and kidney transplantation and so on.
  • Akdeniz. The hospital at the Akdeniz University is a complex with a unique combination of a rich and irreproachable history of medical practice and innovative treatment strategies. The hospital has been operating since 1982 at the University of Antalya with the same name. The hospital has significantly strengthened its position among the most prestigious medical institutions in Turkey. The hospital at the Akdeniz University is the most sought-after medical institution in the district as it has a large in-patient department and is located in close proximity to the city center. Its main results were achieved in cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, transplantology, and neurosurgery. The hospital at the Akdeniz University is the first public medical institution to receive the Quality System ISO 9001: 2000 and then ISO 9001: 2008 certification, which proves compliance with international standards in management and maintenance.

Travel and accommodation in Turkey

In Turkey, there are more JCI-accredited medical institutions than in any country in the world. To date, Turkey has been recognized as a competitive country. About 60 medical schools of international level train thousands of Turkish and international students and high standards for certification of specialists ensure successful results in a wide range of medical fields. Everybody dreams about come to Turkey. Let us clear some details about travel and accommodation in Turkey.

Turkey’s excellent central location at the crossroads between Europe and Asia makes it easy and quick, with minimal time to fly from any major airport in the world. Most tourists go to Istanbul, as there are a number of best hospitals and clinics here. There are two airports in Istanbul: Ataturk and Sabiha. Ataturk Airport is one of the ten largest airports in Europe. This international airport is located in the European part of the city. The center is only 24 km away. You can get there by metro, bus or taxi.

The network of Turkish highways is in excellent condition and conveniently connects both huge megacities and small historical towns and villages. If you need to travel long distances, you can take a taxi. Taxis are a very common form of transport in Turkey. Taxi stands can be found almost everywhere. Bright yellow taxi cars are easy to distinguish in the traffic flow. In Istanbul, the taxi is relatively cheap compared to most European capitals.

Accommodation in Turkey cannot be called very cheap. Of course, it depends on what city you are going to be treated. However, if you are planning a trip yourself, you need to find a hotel or apartment for the duration of treatment. For example, a three-star hotel in Istanbul will cost about $ 50, and four-star hotels around $ 80. In Istanbul, as well as in other developed cities in Turkey, there are hundreds of hotels so you can easily find a place to live. It will be much better for you if you go in Turkey for health purpose with the help of a medical company. It will provide you with accommodation and the cost of living will already be included in your healthcare package.

FAQ when going to Turkey for treatment

  1. What do I need to know before going to Turkey for health improvement?
    It is not superfluous to find out about the location of the visited city and its climatic conditions. Hotels located in the city will be determined for you by a travel agency.
  1. Can I contact the clinic directly?
    You can contact them directly and clarify all the necessary information. In addition, you can ask them for contacts of patients who have already done the procedure in this clinic.
  1. Do I need insurance?
    In Turkey, medical insurance is desired.
  1. What should I do after treatment / surgery?
    Consult a doctor about the consequences after surgery. Depending on this, discuss what you can and cannot do. If a few days later symptoms such as deterioration of health, bleeding, and inflammation appear, always consult a doctor.
  1. What should I do before treatment / surgery?
    The process of complex diagnostics will always precede the process of treatment. Remember, whatever clinic you choose for treatment in Turkey, local doctors will perform a series of diagnostic checks to confirm or deny data about your health.
  1. Do I need a visa to Turkey?
    For many countries, visa-free regime is open. However, you definitely need to clarify these things from your medical tourism agency. You need to arrange medical documents and take care of visas if they are required
  1. Is it necessary to pay attention to quality certificates when choosing a medical institution?
    The quality of services provided by medical institutions that have confirmatory certificates is approved. In such hospitals, there will be no problems associated with the quality of patient care and patient safety.
  1. What does JCI accreditation mean?
    The JCI is created to improve the quality of health services provided by health organizations and ensure their continuity.
  1. Is it good to go Turkey for health purpose with the help of medical tourism company?
    The contract with the agency is an important factor for an easy medical journey. Representatives of the agency will select the most suitable program for you.
  1. How long will I have to stay in the country?
    It depends on the procedure that you are going to do. Most procedures do not take more than a few days.


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