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Mummy Makeover is an operation to erect sagging, loosened breast tissue, restore cracks and skin loosening that are predominantly formed on the underside of the abdomen after birth. Sometimes it is a combination of a mini tummy tuck, sometimes a full tummy tuck and breast lift operations. More precisely, it is appropriate to perform breast lift surgery a year after the end of the breastfeeding period. With Mummy Makeover Turkey, you can get rid of postpartum weight and fat sagging and have a perfect look. Mummy Makeover aesthetics are performed in many clinics in Turkey.

With the Mummy Makeover, stubborn fat and sagging areas of the body are restored to a beautiful appearance. Since the Mummy Makeover is made specifically for the person, the type of operations that will be applied will also be personalized. After Mummy Makeover surgery, patients can stay in the hospital between 1-3 nights depending on the procedure performed. All of the above operations can be performed in a single operation, as well as 3 months apart depending on the condition of the patients. Immediately after surgery, patients are taken to the intensive care unit and are expected to wake up from general anesthesia. Light weights may be seen in patients on the first day. Patients are regularly given antibiotics and painkillers.


    What is Mummy Makeover?

    Mummy Makeover is the process of correcting body deformations seen in postpartum women in a single session or several sessions. In Mummy Makeover aesthetics, several different aesthetic operations are applied in combination. In women, body problems such as abdominal sagging after childbirth, growth in the leg and thigh area, loss of volume or growth in the breasts, sagging arms can be seen. If these problems cannot be fixed despite sports and diet after birth and the end of the breastfeeding period, Mummy Makeover aesthetics are resorted to. It is a plastic surgery procedure performed to eliminate and improve changes that disturb the appearance, such as sagging abdomen, breasts that do not look plump, excess fat formed on the hips, which occur on the bodies of mothers after having children and breastfeeding. Patients who want to have a Mummy Makeover aesthetic are recommended to do it after 6 months of birth. No matter how much weight is lost after you go on a strict diet after pregnancy and become the desired weight, your body will not improve sagging and you will need a surgical operation. In the case of such a situation, it is necessary.

    Correction of body deformations that can be seen in postpartum women in one session is called Mummy Makeover aesthetics. Since each mother’s body structure will have its own damage, the operation will be shaped by your doctor. It usually covers procedures such as liposuction, breast reshaping, and tummy tuck. This surgical method, which is applied by women who want to return to the body structure before birth, lasts between three and five hours. A full tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck operation can be performed by looking at the general condition in the patient’s abdomen. By inserting the breasts into the desired shape, problems such as growth and sagging formed in the current state are eliminated. If necessary, liposuction can be performed by taking regional fat tissues and shaping them in the desired areas of the body. The patient must rest in the hospital for one or two nights. According to the operation, they are required to wear corsets and supporting bras for three weeks. After a few days, the patient will be able to return to normal life.

    How Mummy Makeover is done step by step?

    Each patient’s problems are different. Breast reduction, breast lift, or breast lift operations can be performed in the breast area. A full tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, endoscopic tummy tuck or just liposuction can be enough for the abdomen. The waist area is shaped by liposuction. In appropriate patients, with high-def lip shaping, abdominal folds are created, the waist pit is pronounced, the hips are plumped by injecting fat into the hips. Mummy Makeover aesthetic surgeries include tummy tuck and breast aesthetics in basic principle.

    Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty): Liposuction is also performed in all Tummy Tuck operations. Liposuction removes excess fat in the waist, sides and back area. After birth, loose, sagging, excess skin from the lower abdomen and pregnancy stretch marks removed with abdominoplasty surgery and reshaping of the abdomen by the skin in the upper abdomen is also tightened. Tummy tuck-Liposuction results in a flatter, fitter abdomen and waist. It also allows you to get rid of excess fat that is resistant to diets and exercise in the inner leg, lower leg and tickle area with the application of Liposuction.

    Breast aesthetics: this is a lift – lift operation for breasts that have lost their volume and sagged after childbirth and breastfeeding. An implant can be used to increase breast volume in cases where breast tissue is not sufficient.

    Mummy Makeover procedure risk and complications

    No plastic surgery puts the patient’s health at risk. People who are overweight, older, have other health problems, have diabetes, and smoke a lot are not suitable for combined operations. In such patients, it is not right to perform surgery without correcting the conditions. Breast and abdominal operations are performed in separate sessions in patients where combined surgery is at risk.

    The most feared complications in combined surgeries such as Mummy Makeover are bleeding and lung embolism. This risk is higher in advanced elderly, obese and diabetic patients and in those who smoke too much. Patients with excess weight are recommended to lose weight before surgery. Another problem is skin loss and wounds do not heal. Preoperative planning errors, excessive skin removal, inability to control bleeding well, and smoking increase such problems. A few weeks after surgery, problems such as serum accumulation under the skin can also be encountered. In such a case, it may be necessary to drain the serum with the help of an injector. Problems such as excessive scarring can occur on much stretched closed bellies and some skin types. If this condition is due to tension, a revision procedure can be performed under local anesthesia to thin the scar after one year.

    Where Mummy Makeover is done in Turkey

    Cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara and Izmir are the cities in Turkey where you can get the best health care. Mummy Makeover in Turkey is most commonly performed in these cities. Of course, although the prices are different in each city, the quality of service is the same. All clinics are fully equipped and hygienic. Experienced Turkish surgeons perform operations. Your most important advantage in this regard is that you receive this service in Turkey, which has the most advanced technology in the world.


      Average cost of Mummy Makeover in Turkey

      Since this operation involves more than one operation, not every patient can be given the same price. This is not possible. Mummy Makeover Turkey prices may vary depending on which surgery or surgeries you will have. For this reason, a specialist doctor should examine you first. So you can get the best price. Whatever the price, you can still be sure to get the most advantageous price in the world.


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