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In addition to your daily brushing and flossing, along with your routine dental cleaning and examinations, we offer several in-office and in-home teeth whitening services to give you a whiter smile. The use of certain prescription drugs, frequent consumption of foods and beverages containing paint, and the use of tobacco-containing products cause discoloration of the teeth. Teeth whitening techniques can whiten their teeth. In clinical bleaching, the dentist first cleans the surface of the tooth. "Internal whitening technique" is applied on dead teeth that have been removed. For healthy teeth, "external whitening technique" is applied. The effects of bleaching can last up to a year. But this may vary from person to person. If you eat products that can stain your teeth or smoke, the effect can be shorter.

About Dt.Selin, who will perform the application:

Dt. Selin graduated from Bezmialem University Faculty of Dentistry and did her internship at the University of Padova, Italy. She specializes in smile aesthetics and smile design. She works in general dentistry at the clinic.

  • Develop a group treatment plan with 3 different specialists
  • Private treatment coordinator 
  • Private transfer between airport and clinic
  • Free advance reservation interviews

Important Information:

  • Be sure to get approval from your medical travel advisor for your medical approval before making a reservation.
  • Personalized treatment plans and out-of-package available services are not included in the price of the fix package created.
  • All patients must take photos and X-rays before arriving in order to make a preliminary diagnosis of the treatment to be performed.
  • This package includes a 24-hour free cancellation guarantee.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Each user can only use 1 promo code.

Included / Excluded

  • Laboratory, drug and equipment costs.
  • Consultation with the dentist to plan your treatment
  • 3D dental tomography & Panoramic X-Ray
  • VIP transfer from airport to clinic
  • Tooth extraction

Package Plan & Full Details

Treatment details

Eligibility: Patients with surface discoloration who are not satisfied with their tooth colour.
Processing time: 1 hour
Surgical procedure: No
Anesthesia type: No
Prosthesis: No
Bleaching brand: Opelescence/Beyond
Durability: 1 year
Warranty: No
Recovery time: 1 hour
Appearance: Like natural teeth
Cleaning: Can be cleaned like normal teeth
Accommodation: 1 day

Visit Day

Intraoral examination of the patient is performed. Teeth cleaning and polishing is done. Teeth whitening gel is applied by laser. The color of the teeth is checked. Oral care recommendations are given to the patient after the procedure.


  • It whitens teeth 3-4 tons in 1-2 hours without damaging its natural form.
  • Does not harm tooth enamel.
  • Does not erode tooth enamel.
  • Lasts longer when properly cared for.


  • Cracks on tooth surface should be reported


  • In the first week, tea, coffee, tomato paste and colorful foods should not be consumed.
  • Tobacco products should not be consumed in the first week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be refunded if I cancel my reservation?

How can I make my medical travel reservation?

How do I make a payment?

After choosing a package that matches your preferences, you can pay safely by entering your credit card information.

What is Deposit & prepayment?

The treatment package is pre-booked and you secure a portion of your payment by performing it through Letsmedi. The incoming deposit is transferred to the Letsmedi pool account and secured with your package contents.

What is a 100% refund guarantee?

Can I make special requests for my reservations?

How can I cancel or change my reservation?

Where can I find cancellation conditions?

You can review all the detailed information about the reservation cancellation and refund policies on the Terms and Conditions page.

Can I cancel or change my reservation due to COVID-19?

Booking changes are subject to the conditions applicable to your booking. Due to the COVID-19 impact, changes in travel restrictions and restrictions remain in place in some places. Please check your destination for travel restrictions before making a treatment plan.

How can I use my promo code?


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