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Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure that allows women to increase the volume of the breast, give it a beautiful shape, etc. Breast implant replacement surgery can be performed to remove implants or replace them with the new ones. As in the case of the breast enlargement operation, the range of breast implant replacement cost UK is wide and varies from clinic to clinic.

What does influence breast implant replacement cost UK?

In addition to the status of the surgeon and medical institution, the peculiarities of the operation itself exert a direct influence on the price: whether the surgeon will work with only one breast or with both, whether replacement is necessary or it is necessary to eliminate complications (e.g., capsular contracture), whether a parallel breast lift is needed and etc. All these small factors influence breast implant replacement cost UK.

Moreover, approximately 15% of patients seek breast implant replacement because of improperly selected and inserted implants. Less often they want to increase the volume of mammary glands. The reason for applying to plastic surgeons can also be various complications after implantation. Repeated surgery to replace previously installed implants with new ones (for example, another type or size) is often associated with a breast lift.

The reasons for replacing your breast implants can include:

  • Deflated or ruptured implants
  • ‘Bottoming out’ – when the breast implants sink below the normal breast crease
  • Anxiety about the integrity of your implants (particularly after the PIP scandal)
  • Capsular contracture (when your breast implants become firm)
  • You may simply feel that your implants no longer fit your body or the breast implants you have are the wrong size or shape
  • You may be considering about beginning a family and are concerned about breastfeeding with breast implants

If you undergo breast implant replacement operation, the greatest advantage is peace of mind that problematic or old implants are no longer in your body. Having implants that “fit” with your lifestyle and body shape can also have a significant influence on your self-esteem. In some cases, the insurance can cover your breast implant replacement cost UK.




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