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Dental Implants are materials that mimic the root of the tooth, made in the area of the mouth of patients in places of previously removed teeth to restore function, aesthetics and oral health. Dental implants are usually made of titanium, but recently, biologically compatible materials are also being used. Titanium, a tissue-friendly material, is also used in dental orthopedics. If a mistake was made in planning, that is, if the implant was placed in the wrong place, anatomical boundaries were exceeded, if it was not sterile, if the implant material used was not pure titanium and did not come to the doctor sterile. From here on, the patient’s pain, bone loss, infections become irresistible. For this reason, the company’s reliability in the production quality of the implant and the certificates to be issued to patients are approved.

The clinical failure rate is around 5% all over the world. If a healthy bone does not form around it, removing the playing implants is as simple as tooth extraction. After a while after the implants are removed, their places will close spontaneously, such as wound healing after tooth extraction. With good treatment planning and proper bone volume, implants remain in the mouth for an average of 10 years. But sometimes problems such as infection, broken jawbone, nerve damage can occur. Insufficient bone volume, bone quality, lack of smoking, drinking, and certain systemic diseases, oral care, lack of parafunctional movements tooth extraction and tooth, so periodontal gum disease; implants may cause failure in. As a result of Implant failure, if the bone is sufficient, it is possible to re-implant in the same area at the end of a certain healing process or by applying different bone enhancement methods. For this reason, possible failure and what to do in this case should be shared with patients when planning implant treatments.

If the planning issue is not taken into account, very big problems arise. A person goes down an irreversible path in his treatment. A very detailed planning is essential for the Implant cases. Currently, a 3D implant planning method has emerged. Before starting the Implant application, special tomography is performed and the entire jaw is transferred in a computer environment. In a computer environment, it is necessary to look at where there is how much bone, where there is a vein and nerve that passes through it, rotating it in 3 dimensions, and plan the implants accordingly. Implants are not standard products, they have sizes and diameters. In other words, it is determined by these methods which size and which diameter implant will be applied to which region. At the same time, the axle is very important, so if more than one implant is to be placed, the implants must be parallel to each other, if possible, so that they can distribute the loads that come on them evenly. The risks of implant application performed by properly planned and experienced physicians are no different from the risks that can be encountered during tooth extraction. But especially in the early period immediately after the operation, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of your doctor and take care of oral care.

The fusion of titanium implants with bone is formed by a much different mechanism than living organ transplantation. For this reason, there is no need for tissue mismatch, blood mismatch or a number of more specific tests. The concept, popularly described as rejection of the implant, is not scientifically accurate. In other words, rejection of implants is out of the question. But the implant may fail after insertion. The most important reason for this is the small infections around the implant that occur as a result of the patient not paying attention to the doctor’s recommendations. These infections, which do not cause any harm to the body, usually cause a loss of time, as they require the placement of another implant. Titanium, used as an Implant material, has never been observed to develop an allergic reaction. Dental implants fail when appropriate conditions are met and correct procedures are performed.

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