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For many men, an average cost of hair transplant UK is one of the biggest factors in deciding whether to carry out this procedure of changing the life. While modern methods have made this a very effective solution for hair loss, the price of hair transplant surgery is not insignificant. Budgeting to cover the cost of hair transplant should be an important part of your training. The good news is that the average cost of hair transplant UK has reduced considerably over recent years as more clinics and hospitals have acquired the technology to carry out techniques such as follicular unit transplantation and competition has driven hair transplantation costs down.

Factors affecting the average cost of hair transplant UK

The largest factor influencing your average cost of hair transplant UK will be the degree of hair loss. Obviously, the bigger the area requiring treatment, the higher the price of your hair transplants. Hair transplant costs are regularly based on the number of grafts needed, with an average cost of £3 to £6 per graft. Most hair transplants have the following scale:

  • Norwood two – 500-800 grafts, early receding hairline. The price of a hair transplant will be about £1,000 to £4,000.
  • Norwood three – 800-1000 grafts, receding hairline. The cost for hair transplantation will vary from £1,700 to £5,000.
  • Norwood four – 1000-1500 grafts, male pattern baldness including crown. You will pay about £2000 and £7500.

A transplant for serious male pattern baldness in Norwood seven might require up to 7500 grafts and it will be the most expensive. For the most expensive clinics, the price of hair transplantation can exceed £30,000. The reputation, quality, and experience of your specialist will also increase the average cost of hair transplant UK. Moreover, the clinic can be a factor when the Harley Street Clinic charges far more than their other counterparts.

The average cost of hair transplant UK with FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) indicates the fact that this is by far the most successful and advanced technique of hair transplantation. This also shows the work and skill required of your specialist when searching for each individual follicular unit. The average FUE session will require between £2000 and £7000. However, you may need more than just one session. The cost of hair transplantation with FUE also depends on the source of the hair follicles, while the units of hair on the body require more transplantation than the hair on the head. The price of hair transplantation with FUE is regularly charged for every follicle, and the price is reduced for larger quantities. For example, you can pay up to £5 per follicle for the first 2000, but only half that for anything more than 2000, which will lead to a decrease in the average cost of hair transplant UK.

The technique of the Strip method requires fewer skills and time for your doctor, and it is reflected in the lower average cost of hair transplant UK. Nevertheless, since it is hard to predict the number of follicles to be taken from each strip, hospitals and clinics tend to determine the costs of hair transplantation using this method, rather than the follicle.

It is worthwhile to do research to find out how much hair transplant will require, as the prices range significantly and there is a lot of competition. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that you receive what you pay for, so cheap hair transplants can end up costing you more because you need to perform a correction such as a bad quality.



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