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The operation performed to remove excess skin and fat tissue under and just above the belly in the abdomen and to repair the anterior abdominal wall laxity is called Tummy Tuck. Due to reasons such as gaining and losing weight, giving birth, genetic structure, excess and sagging of the abdominal skin, adipose tissue, cracks in the abdominal skin and looseness in the anterior abdominal wall muscle and muscle membrane may occur. These complaints make it difficult for patients to wear trousers, skirts, swimsuits and bikinis, and sometimes excessive sagging can cause complaints such as skin wounds and fungal infections due to excessive sweating. Although simple deformities can be removed with liposuction, abdominal aesthetics are generally required. Depending on the shape of the deformity, Tummy Tuck surgery can be performed in different techniques. Sometimes better results are observed when combined with liposuction. In those with excessive tissue and sagging, the navel may need to be rearranged and created. The wound area is almost always planned to be where the cesarean scar is, and the leave is kept in underwear or swimwear. It takes between 6 months and 1 year for the scar, which is the longer form of the cesarean scar, to take its final form. Tummy Tuck Turkey offers all these advantages for you and ensures that the surgery is performed in the most accurate way. After the tummy tuck surgery in Turkey, it will soon regain your health and you’ll have an aesthetic appearance.


    What is Tummy Tuck?

    The most appropriate candidates for Tummy Tuck are men and women who do not respond to diet or exercise in their abdominal areas and have more fat than the body and complain of sagging abdominal skin. Surgery is useful in women who experience stresses in the abdominal muscles and abdominal skin throughout one or more pregnancies beyond the point at which they can return to normal. Loss of skin elasticity, which usually occurs with mild obesity in elderly patients, can also be corrected.

    Patients who intend to lose too much weight should postpone surgery. In addition, since the abdominal muscles that are tightened during surgery will separate again during pregnancy, women who have a pregnancy plan in the future can also postpone this operation until after pregnancy. If you have previous abdominal surgery other than a cesarean section, your doctor may not recommend this operation to you, as it may pose a risk for Tummy Tuck.

    Tummy Tuck beautifies your appearance, increases your self-confidence, but you may not get an image that exactly matches the image of your ideal. Before deciding on surgery, think very carefully about your expectations and discuss them with your surgeon.


    What are the pros and cons of getting teeth done in Turkey ?

    Turkey dental implants are artificial roots of the tooth that provide a permanent base for replacement, fixed teeth. Compared to crowns, dentures, and bridges, teeth implants are an effective, common and long-term solution for people who experience chronic dental problems, missing teeth, or failing teeth.

    What makes Turkey dental implants feel definitely secure and comfortable? The best doctors apply a medical-grade titanium implant fixture which later really fuses to the existing bone cells of the jaw. This combination creates a durable and strong anchor for your new teeth, meaning there is no slippage or another movement (which can sometimes occur with dentures). Plus, there are no difficulties in eating with dental implants, no necessary to correct them regularly and no more concerned about smiling openly and freely.The procedure of teeth implantation is deservedly popular all over the world. Nevertheless, there are many myths and incorrect judgments around this theme. Therefore, many patients prefer much less reliable methods of teeth replacement, for example, removable dentures or bridges. So, what are the pros and cons of Turkey dental implants?


    • Recreating a tooth in its natural form
    • Prevention of bone atrophy
    • Preserving the shape of the gum
    • No food restrictions
    • Implantation does not require the treatment of healthy teeth
    • Unlimited lifetime
    • Restoring and maintaining a healthy smile
    • Easy care
    • Natural sensations


    • Contraindications (of course, implantation, like any other surgical operation, has its contraindications. This procedure is not recommended for patients with certain diseases of the heart and endocrine systems, oncology, mental disorders, allergic reactions to medications)
    • High cost (relatively high cost is an obvious disadvantage of dental implantation)
    • The need for surgical intervention
    • Implantation of teeth – the pros and cons on the scales (despite a certain number of cons, which are very conventional, the Turkey dental implants remains the safest, durable and aesthetic way of reconstructing the dentition).

    How Tummy Tuck is done step by step?

    A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure in which the weak abdominal muscles are stretched and strengthened, in which excess fat and saggy skin are removed from the front of the abdomen. It is not a weight loss or debilitating surgery. Overweight patients are advised to do weight loss diet and exercise before surgery.

    This surgery, which satisfactorily corrects the appearance of the belly and abdomen, leaves a permanent scar, but the place to allow is adjusted so that it remains in the underwear. Tummy Tuck surgery can also be performed in conjunction with other operations, such as plastic surgery, uterine and ovarian surgery. Plastic surgeons perform an examination after talking about your complaints and expectations. Then, the amount and placement of fat in the abdominal area, sagging skin, excess and quality are evaluated.

    The duration of the operation determines the procedures to be performed. If liposuction is not applied to a very large area, a full tummy tuck operation takes between two and three hours, and a mini tummy tuck and endoscopic tummy tuck takes between one and two hours. Tummy tuck operations are not very painful procedures, as is often said. During the operation, we perform local anesthetics that affect all cuts and also the abdominal wall for about 10 hours. Thus, patients do not feel pain early after surgery. Although some pain occurs the next day, the main complaint of patients is due to the tension caused by stretching the abdomen and the inability to stand upright, rather than pain. Mini tummy tuck and endoscopic tummy tuck operations are much less painful.


      Tummy Tuck procedure risk and complications

      Special risks that may occur after tummy tuck surgery include wound infection, accumulation of blood or body fluid at the site of surgery, blood clots, and poor wound healing. Infection of the wound site can be eliminated by drainage and the use of antibiotics. Although the accumulation of blood or body fluid at the site of the operation is rarely seen due to drains usually placed in the operation, when this occurs, it is eliminated with a second intervention when necessary. Poor wound healing often results in the formation of distinct scars. This can sometimes suggest a second intervention to remove these bad scars. People who smoke and have systemic diseases that disrupt wound healing (such as diabetes) have a higher risk of bad wound healing.

      Of course, it is possible to reduce the risks of tummy tuck surgery by following the recommendations that the doctor will give before and after surgery. Quitting smoking as early as possible from surgery, if possible, not drinking at all reduces the risks that can be encountered in a negative sense. Tummy tuck surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the duration of the operation varies between 2-3 hours. In general, a day or two in the hospital is enough, but if necessary, more hospital stays can be. Since abdominal muscle repair is also performed during tummy tuck surgery, the pain may be felt for the first few days, but these pain can be relieved by taking painkillers.

      Where Tummy Tuck is done in Turkey

      Turkey is one of the best health care providers in the world. Tummy Tuck Turkey can be done in many cities. In cities such as Antalya, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, you can have Tummy Tuck surgery. Each city has its own advantages. Prices can be variable. The options offered by clinics and hospitals to patients may differ. Most clinics prepare all-inclusive packages for this surgery. Transportation, accommodation, surgery fee and other tables are included in this package. In this way, you will have the opportunity to have Tummy tuck surgery in Turkey in a much more advantageous and economical way.


      Average cost of Tummy Tuck in Turkey

      You want to get information about the prices of Tummy Tuck surgery in Turkey. But unfortunately, according to the rules set by the state, it is unfortunately not possible to give prices over the internet. It is not possible to give a clear price about tummy tuck surgeries if you already had such a thing possible genius. The reason for this is because the amount of fat to be taken from the shade of the abdomen will be obvious as a result of the examination. Depending on the patient’s condition, the operation is performed as a mini tummy tuck or a total tummy tuck. For a clear information about tummy tuck operations, you must definitely be examined.


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