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Veneers are thin plates of porcelain, which are made individually and fixed on the teeth giving them a more natural looking appearance. They can be used to correct the appearance and shape of the teeth during cleavage, darkening, displacement, curvature or abnormal position of the teeth. Ceramic veneers are one of the latest achievements of modern orthopedic dentistry. Ceramic veneers have emerged as an alternative to ceramic crowns. Veneers are tightly connected to the tooth surface and have optical, mechanical and biological properties close to the natural enamel of human teeth. This is the reason for the popularity of ceramic veneers when restoring teeth. Ceramic veneers are minimally invasive orthopedic dentistry. This means that minimal preparation of tooth tissues is required.

Opportunities of ceramic veneers:

  • Color correction. If whitening procedures are not effective, then veneers are a reasonable and highly effective alternative to tooth whitening.
  • Form correction. If reduction or dysplasia of the enamel is observed, the veneers allow giving the tooth a normal shape.
  • Correction of the position of the teeth. Veneers can correct small anomalies of the teeth.

A bit of history

Creating a Hollywood smile is a task that appeared in the 30s of the last century. Doctor of the dental clinic in California Charles Pincus thought about the need to make temporary veneers for the teeth of actors who did not want to have ordinary crowns. He developed ceramic facets that were fired in the open air and glued to the teeth with an adhesive powder. These facets are the veneers of the first generation. They were not used to treat damaged teeth, but only to give them an aesthetic appearance. Facets were used in the event that the actor needed to change the smile for the big plans in the cinema. The strength of those ceramic plates was very weak and there was no technology for long-term fixation.

The art of creating ceramic facets developed over 30 years, which led to the development of modern materials. Ceramics is used in dentistry as an aesthetically acceptable and biologically compatible material. According to its characteristics, only the enamel itself is superior. The use of ceramics for aesthetic dentistry was made possible by the discovery in the study of enamel. For the first time the idea of etching was described by Dr. Rochette in 1975, then the doctor restored the broken incisor in the patient with an etched ceramic block.

Veneers nowadays

Medical porcelain is the most popular material for veneers. Indications for use are a significant change in the color of the enamel and a high degree of damage to the teeth. The thickness of the plate is 0.3-0.5 mm. Veneers are visually indistinguishable from natural teeth and do not lose color of the original color after prolonged wearing. Non-invasive super thin veneers are a great achievement in aesthetic dentistry. In other words, they are called Hollywood laminates. These plates are up to 0.3 mm thick of high-strength ceramics, which can be fixed even on artificial crowns. The service life of such veneers is from 5 to 20 years, but the laboriousness of manufacturing and subsequent installation makes the procedure more expensive in comparison with direct prosthetics.

Today, aesthetic dentistry has become one of the most important areas of dentistry. Beautiful teeth are one of the priority components of the external appeal of a person. Violation of the bite, large gaps, chipped, pigmented spots deprive the smile of attraction and charm. Until recently, correcting the errors of nature was extremely difficult, but modern aesthetic dentistry offers many ways to get rid of existing problems. Installation of veneers is one of the options to make the smile perfect. The possibilities of dental restoration are increasing every year. Thus, aesthetic dentistry is carried out using new methods. Now a Hollywood smile is available to all who wish to have it.



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Dr. Koray Pisgin has 9+ years experince dental operations with 5000+ satisfied patients in Turkey.

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