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Lamina porcelain is a type of porcelain restoration that is used to change the color, form and position of the front teeth with a special bonding technique. The desired smile can be reached in a very short time thanks to the Laminate veneer that mimic the natural tooth. Laminated teeth are thin veneers that are glued to the front surface of the teeth and produced specially for the purpose of improving smile aesthetics. When many dentists describe this treatment, they make an artificial nail analogy. For this reason, it is also referred to as a dental lens among society. Laminated tooth veneer is applied on teeth that become black as a result of canal treatment, in patients whose teeth are oblique and distorted, and in patients with a fracture in one of the front teeth, provided that the patient is over the age of 18.


    What is Laminate veneer?

    Porcelain lamina teeth can be made to almost anyone. Teeth discoloration, structure, form, disorder, fracture, abrasion when the old and the structure, the presence of discolored fillings in between the teeth, in cases where December (closing diastema), as an alternative to orthodontic treatment when the teeth slight crowding, the teeth porcelain laminate can be applied. Laminate veneer treatment can be completed in about 2-3 sessions and within a week. During the construction process of Lamina teeth, first of all, the measurement is taken without etching on the teeth in the first session, and in the resulting model, a study is performed that determines how the teeth will look after they are finished. In accordance with the aesthetic wishes of the doctor and patient in the model, the work can be done, the teeth can be given the desired shape. Then this study is transferred to the patient’s mouth, and a kind of demo (mock-up) is made to the patient. The teeth are then eroded, measured with sensitive measuring materials or with computer-aided intra-oral scanners. In the next session, the lamina teeth are rehearsed, glued to the teeth with a precision technique and a special adhesive. Adhesives used today have high bonding properties, and people can use lamina porcelain as their own teeth, easily bite and tear.

    laminate afterLaminate Before

    How Laminate veneer is done?

    Laminate veneer, which is adapted to the tooth in a short time, first begins with the removal of intra-oral measurements. A test application called mock-up is performed in the laboratory with the extracted model. After the doctor and patient decide on the extracted model, the teeth are prepared for the procedure. The processing time may vary depending on the number of teeth to be made for Lamina porcelain veneer. Temporary veneers are glued on the patient’s teeth and adaptation problems are observed. If there are no problems, final corrections are made and the main porcelain is prepared. Laminate veneer teeth are glued with a special application. The patient can start using their new teeth on the same day. Lamina veneer is an aesthetic practice. As with any aesthetic process, it gives excellent results when done with care with a quality material; otherwise, it has hard-to-compensate results. The doctor who will apply Lamina must be asked about previous cases. If confidence is felt and a decision is made, it starts with a photo shoot first. After the first measurements are taken, 3D design of the teeth is made with the ceramist.

    Each stage of lamina dental veneer application progresses depending on the consensus between doctor and patient. In the first session, the intra-oral measurements of the patient are taken by making a very precise measurement. Tests called mock-ups are performed in laboratories on the model prepared in accordance with the measurements taken. When a consensus is formed with the patient about the model obtained, the stage of preparing the teeth to be glued begins. Although the duration of application varies depending on the number of teeth to be covered with lamina teeth, bonding of teeth occurs for quite short periods of time.

    Dentists who check the adaptation process with temporary veneers in the first stage start the process of making real porcelain by making final arrangements if there are no problems. Lamina veneers, which are fixed to the teeth with a special adhesive, can be used on the same day. If patients do not have problems with their gums, lamina tooth veneer treatment is terminated at the end of 2 or 3 sessions and the patient can start using their new teeth.

    How to choose clinic for Laminate veneer?

    If you are looking for a suitable clinic for you for Laminate veneer Turkey, you should pay attention to some criteria. For example, it is important that the clinic is suitable and equipped for Laminate veneer. The dentist who will perform the treatment must be an expert and have successful references. In Turkey, there are very special Laminate veneer clinics equipped only for this treatment.

    Why choose Turkey for Laminate veneer?

    Thousands of people visit the country every year for Laminate veneer Turkey treatment. Of course, there are reasons for this. First of all, Turkey is one of the best countries in the world in terms of dental health. Thousands of patients were treated in 2020. Cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya are both cheap and tourist cities. So in short, you can have both treatment and vacation. Turkey is very advantageous for you.


      Why Laminate veneer is cheaper in Turkey?

      There are some reasons why this treatment is cheap in Turkey. Laminate veneer in Turkey is both a very successful and economical treatment. Therefore, it is preferred. Turkey is already economical compared to European countries in general. This is also one of the first choice reasons. In addition, the quality of the laminate material used in treatment is also an important factor. If you also want to be a Laminate veneer treatment in Turkey, you have made a very correct decision. Laminate treatment is a treatment that you should take seriously, and when it is done incorrectly, it can cause very serious problems.


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