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People especially alleviate the aesthetic concerns of the teeth, and dental porcelain veneers applied to them to achieve a more beautiful smile application, instant smile transformation, designed to provide a treatment process that emerges as the leaves of porcelain are placed over your teeth. Porcelain tooth veneer, on the one hand, aims to perform the functions of the person’s mouth one hundred percent, on the other hand, helps him get the appearance of a tooth close to the perfect appearance and gives a four-by-four smile. Of course, as well as from a cosmetic point of view, porcelain dental veneers also bring positive improvements in oral and dental health from a medical point of view. It is also possible to apply porcelain tooth veneer to teeth that have been damaged due to any accident or similar undesirable reasons.

Porcelain teeth are a method of covering teeth in the mouth where the structures of the teeth are damaged and are made to beautify the structure of the mouth. As can be understood from the name of metal supported porcelain veneers, they are made by placing a metal alloy under the porcelain under construction. Porcelain veneers are often used in Aesthetic Dentistry. Porcelain produced in various tooth shapes is coated on the teeth, this process is called porcelain veneer. In short, the teeth are surrounded by porcelain. Porcelain is produced from natural raw materials. There is no colorant or chemical in it. In addition, porcelain is solid due to its processing and structure. For these reasons, porcelain is as useful as it is healthy.


    What is Porcelain veneers?

    As the name implies, porcelain veneers are a kind of tooth veneer technique that consists of porcelain and is produced to cover the surface of the tooth. It is a form of treatment consisting of porcelain placed on the top layer of the tooth surface in order to avoid aesthetic concerns on your teeth and to make extra effort to hide your smile. Porcelain teeth veneer method can help you perform your functions in an easy way and also have the teeth you want. The importance of naturalness in teeth has been touched as much as possible by the porcelain veneer method, because teeth suitable for a person can be designed on the grounds that everyone has a dental prosthesis suitable for the structure of the tooth. Because the porcelain veneer method is the closest color to the main color of the teeth and is closest to the appearance of the teeth, porcelain tooth veneer is one of the methods that is quite applied to make your smile perfect. There are some varieties of porcelain tooth veneer. These are porcelain tooth veneer, metal tooth veneer and ceramic tooth veneer, but the main ingredient of all of them consists of porcelain. According to the patient’s needs and wishes, the porcelain tooth veneer process is completed. But some patients may not be injured by the porcelain tooth veneer method. For people with the following problems, the porcelain veneer method is not suitable.

    How Porcelain veneers is done?

    If we look closely at the stages of porcelain veneers, we see that the first stage begins with the surfaces of the teeth undergoing a deep cleaning. Your dentist begins treatment to wipe a thin layer of plaque from the top of the teeth, which will be treated. This layer of plaque may differ according to the personal needs of the patient and what kind of porcelain veneer to make. In the absence of any extra problems, the amount of layer taken as standard varies from 0.5 or 0.7 millimeters. However, in most cases, this procedure is so short and simple that it does not even require any anesthesia.

    After the first stage is completed, it is time to get images of the teeth that will be covered with porcelain teeth. Your dentist can do this in the traditional way by taking mold from your teeth, as well as by using CEREC technology in a three-dimensional way. Images obtained from the mold or through CEREC are sent to laboratories specializing in this subject and it is requested to start the production of porcelain teeth according to the desired dimensions.

    The arrival of the desired veneer teeth can usually take up to 2 weeks. In order to avoid damage to your teeth, the outer layer of which has been removed during this time, your dentist can give you short-term porcelain tooth veneers for temporary use. After the arrival of permanent porcelain teeth, the third stage, that is, the placement of porcelain tooth coverings, is passed. Porcelain veneers, which are placed individually using a special porcelain veneer tooth glue, can be rasped and reshaped where necessary. After this stage is completed, the porcelain tooth veneer process is terminated.

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    How to choose clinic for Porcelain veneers?

    When choosing a Porcelain veneers Clinic, make sure that the veneer material is prepared in the clinic. Because some clinics do not have this option, and materials are prepared in different laboratories. Most of the Porcelain veneers clinics in Turkey have this option. They are equipped with both equipped and technological dental devices. Turkey is a very developed country in this sense.

    Why choose Turkey for Porcelain veneers?

    It is possible to find different options for porcelain veneer treatment in each country. Prices, material quality and other processes are of course different. Porcelain veneers in Turkey has the best treatment options in the world. Both cheap and successful treatments are performed. These 2 factors allow patients to choose Turkey. If you want quality porcelain veneers that you can use for a long time, you should use your preference in favor of Turkey. You will never regret it. 


      Why Porcelain veneers is cheaper in Turkey?

      Porcelain is one of the most commonly used materials in the coating treatment to give teeth a perfect appearance. Porcelain veneers prices in Turkey are very advantageous compared to European countries. Material quality is high. The pre-treatment and post-treatment process is quite good. Cheap prices turn Turkey into a center of attraction in this treatment.


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