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What are the main reasons for going abroad for treatment?

The term “medical tourism” is most often called the organization of medical care for patients outside their country of permanent residence. The main consumers of medical services are foreign citizens. One of the main reasons for going abroad for treatment is the opportunity to combine high-quality medical services and rest in countries with a unique climate. It should be noted that medical tourism must not be confused with the usual health and medical trips, even if they include separate medical services in health centers or hotels.

The term “medical tourism” implies basic and full medical care, treatment abroad, and no additional procedures. Most patients go abroad to undergo a serious operation, such as a hip or heart valve replacement. The organization of medical tours is carried out by special companies that take into account all aspects of the trip (they prepare a full package of documents, select a medical or health institution, open a visa, provide the patient’s transfer if necessary, and provide many other services). (Going abroad for treatment)

Treatment abroad is available for people who need medical help and every one of them has its main reason. There are several types of people who prefer to be treated only abroad:

  • The first are those who have good financial opportunities and they basically do not want to deal with domestic doctors.
  • The second category is those who are already tired of changing clinics and doctors in the home country, not getting the desired result. As a result, these people refuse from domestic health care and turn to foreign specialists.
  • The third type of patients is those who simply do not have a choice. For example, if doctors in their home country do not perform complex operations or are not able to treat some disease and when a certain group of medicines is banned. In most cases, patients go abroad to treat very complicated diseases. In 80 percent of cases, it is oncology, musculoskeletal disorders, and problems with the cardiovascular system.

The global market for medical services every year offers patients new and new opportunities. Thousands of medical institutions work in the field of medical tourism. They strive to provide an individual approach to the treatment and restoration of the health of each patient who comes to them. Nowadays, the potential patients have the possibility of a wide choice of medical institutions in foreign countries: these are not only private clinics but also the largest state or university medical centers. If private clinics are famous for comfort and service, then state and university medical centers can offer the latest medical technologies and equipment. In addition, leading medical specialists in their field of medicine most often work in state and university medical centers.

So what are the main reasons to be treated abroad?

  1. The best quality at an affordable cost is an unbeatable combination and one of the main reasons why people choose treatment abroad. In fact, treatment in countries such as India, Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, and the Czech Republic is much cheaper than in other countries of the world. Treatment in the listed countries is about 50-80% cheaper in the US and UK. With equal quality in different countries, the cost of services may differ. The role is played by the general level of welfare in the state, the rate of the national currency. Treating abroad can be beneficial even with regard to fare and accommodation at the hotel. Millions of people a year go to other countries for treatment and consider the affordable price to be the main reason.
  2. Some patients often decide on treatment abroad, wanting to get to a specialist or a clinic with modern medical equipment.
  3. Foreign clinics can provide unique services that are difficult to find at home. Therefore, Europeans have recently become very popular in choosing Thailand because there is modern medicine combined with traditional medicine.
  4. Quite often, people do not have enough time to thoroughly recover or undergo a full course of treatment procedures. When you go to another country, your bosses, colleagues, relatives, and everyday worries do not distract you and you can finally take full advantage of your health.
  5. Often, people want to combine treatment with conventional tourism. Often, people want to combine treatment with conventional tourism. Combined treatment can be one of the practical and main reasons why people choose to go abroad for treatment.

When organizing a trip for treatment, the time factor is always taken into account. The main reason is that the patient from abroad does not wait a planned operation for months; he chooses when he is ready to go to it (taking into account the state of health, the doctor’s recommendations, and some other factors).(Going abroad for treatment)

It should also be taken into account that certain types and methods of treatment may be banned or significantly restricted by law in the country where the potential patient lives and it will serve as the main reason to go abroad. These restrictions may be related to the patient’s age, religion, and moral standards of society. An example is the treatment of infertility with the use of separate methods of assisted reproductive technologies (IVF with surrogate motherhood, donation of eggs, etc.), sex-change surgery, abortion, transplantation of organs and tissues, treatment with stem cells. In some countries of the East, categorically carrying out of plastic operations is unacceptable.

Many patients need high-quality medical care, especially after surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy, which is not always available at home. Sometimes such care is combined with a special climate. Often, the climate can be one of the main reasons when choosing the country where the treatment will be conducted. Special conditions may be necessary for the rehabilitation and improvement of the quality of life of patients suffering from diseases that are not amenable to complete cure.

The advantages of treatment abroad can be found a lot. However, the main task of people who are engaged in medical tourism is to really ensure and protect the patient from all the negative factors that he can also face during treatment abroad.


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