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When you are going for IVF abroad, a good starting point is to think and decide which country offers the type of treatments and service that you need. As you will spend some time there, or perhaps combine your holiday with IVF treatment, you also should consider how you will enjoy the lifestyle and culture of the country, and what opportunities are available.

Most popular destinations for IVF procedure:

  • In Spain, the national health system operates (the Sanitario Publico system), which is free for all residents who pay national insurance. The rights of patients are listed in the Carta de Derechos, the Charter of Rights and Duties. Spanish hospitals and clinics are clean and modern and boast some of the most highly qualified doctors and specialists in Europe, including fertility specialists. Despite its reputation as a predominantly Catholic country, Spain is a popular destination for IVF abroad, thanks to an open orientation that is enshrined in the law, allowing anyone to gain access to infertility treatment. In Spain, there are more than 200 infertility clinics offering a wide range of infertility treatments.
  • Another popular country for IVF abroad is Turkey. Treatment of fertility in Turkey is regulated by law and has strict rules that limit accessibility. Surrogate motherhood and IVF with donor eggs or sperm are inaccessible. Married couples can access a wide range of procedures using their own gametes at very favorable prices in clinics with good amenities. Turkish fertility specialists usually spent some time in European clinics and US clinics and, as a rule, are certified in another country and also have an IVF specialist certificate from Turkey. They must also have membership in ESHRE, the European Society of Human Reproductive Endocrinology.
  • India is one of the most famous and popular places to IVF abroad. Clinics and hospitals throughout India have high standards and are well known. The country has 1 of the largest and fastest growing private health sectors in the world. His private hospitals are modern with all the latest technologies and facilities, and hundreds of private clinics on fertility issues in the country are no exception. India also has some of the most relaxed provisions about infertility treatment and has attracted medical tourists for many years. Here, surrogate motherhood is possible, as well as pre-implantation diagnostics for genetic diseases.




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