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Liposuction as a method of correction of the second chin has its own characteristics, which are slightly different from the traditional abdominal plastic. Let’s look at the chin liposuction cost UK, the rules of preparation for it, the consequences and results.

Liposuction is a surgical operation that is designed to remove the excess fat mass. It can be carried out in different parts of the body, both to men and women. Thanks to modern techniques, physicians can perform liposuction in various ways with minimal trauma to soft tissues. Because of the many advantages of this operation and its effectiveness, liposuction is becoming more popular every year.

The so-called second chin can appear in both men and women for the following reasons: 1) Age changes (in people over forty years, the elasticity of the skin is greatly lost which leads to its sagging). 2) Beginning around the age of 40, metabolic processes begin to slow down in the human body, which leads to accumulation of fat in different parts of the body, including in the chin zone. 3) Hereditary predisposition to this defect. 4) Disturbance in the hormonal system. 5) Violation of certain body functions in young people can also lead to the formation of a second chin.

The chin liposuction cost UK depends on:

The chin liposuction cost UK depends on the complexity, method, and volume of the operation, as well as on the qualification of the doctor and chosen clinic. On average, the chin liposuction cost UK is from $1,000 to 2,200. If the patient agrees to combine liposuction and facelift, the price for such surgery will be higher.

The instant effect of chin liposuction should not be expected, since after this procedure the soft tissues of the neck will be amazed and swollen, so it is unlikely that the patient will be able to see the result from liposuction. The final outcome of the procedure can be seen no earlier than a month when the tissues are fully healed. Moreover, with prolonged healing and rehabilitation with complications, the result of the operation can be estimated only after three to four months.





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