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The service life of Dental veneers varies depending on the material used and the workmanship applied. Sometimes we also see patients who can only use teeth for 1-2 years. If the veneer is done well, it should be used for at least 5-10 years without any problems. In this, you should always know that proper planning, good workmanship and quality materials must be used. Dental experts who recommend dental veneer applications on yellowing, broken, decaying teeth that do not have enough support describe the life of porcelain veneers as 15-20 years. Dental veneer applications, which are one of the methods often used in recent years, protect the teeth as well as a more aesthetic appearance. Applications in which the closest appearance to the natural tooth is achieved complete human life when well looked and protected.

For the formation of solid teeth and well-groomed teeth, very good dental care and protection is required, experts say, emphasizing that patients should have extra attention after performing dental veneer applications. In particular, they emphasize that hard-shell foods such as nuts and walnuts should not be broken with teeth and should not be delayed in dentist checks. Porcelain veneers are produced from various materials such as metal supported porcelain veneers, zirconium supported porcelain veneers and full aesthetic porcelain veneers. There are cost gaps between these materials. Especially metal supported porcelain and full aesthetic porcelain veneers are visually quite different from each other in terms of cost. Metal-backed veneers cause aesthetic concerns on the front teeth, while full porcelain veneers have an extremely aesthetic and visual property as the teeth closest to the natural tooth.

Porcelain applications, which are made not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from a functional point of view, are extremely effective in tooth restoration, preventing broken weak teeth, repairing broken teeth, correcting damaged and discolored teeth. Dental porcelain supported bridge applications in the mouth tooth deficiencies are eliminated. In patients who do not want orthodontic treatment practices and cannot get a result after orthodontic treatment, porcelain teeth applications can be easily performed. As a result of the structure of porcelain teeth applications, it has become a frequently preferred form of treatment today, as it is closest to the natural tooth and is a long-lasting substance. These practices, which complement human life with good care, cure the problems of patients.

Dental veneers also give the gums one of the most important alarms for the time of change. If there are problems with bleeding, redness, swelling and edema, you should definitely go to the dentist. It may be a problem caused by tooth veneer or your tooth next to it. It will only be possible to understand this through clinical examination and dental X-rays. Unfortunately, one of the signs that the life of the tooth veneer has expired is toothache. You should call the dentist and make an appointment for a sore tooth. When you are late, you may experience swelling in your tooth area and even toothache that does not go away even when you take medication. I suggest you call your dentist on the day you feel uncomfortable so as not to encounter unwanted results such as tooth abscess and tooth extraction. An important sign that your tooth veneer is now starting to cause problems is bad breath. Use mouthwashes to remove or squeeze spray will not be the solution. Even if you brush your teeth, if a smell appears that you or your environment can feel after a short time, you have a problem with your teeth coverings or teeth. You should make an appointment with the dentist before the problem grows or progresses. 

As with our life, our dental veneers have a certain life span. Although Dental Implants are made for lifelong use when they are applied, there are a number of problems with the causes such as shape changes in our body and gum withdrawal, dry mouth. Just as our teeth wear out, our gums change shape over time. Teeth tightening may require reconstruction of the teeth for reasons such as dispersing at night or the arrival of a hard object. There may be a broken tooth veneer or an infection of the underlying tooth. In coated teeth, the formation of gaps between the edge of the tooth veneer and the gum causes the decay of the underlying tooth. In such a case, it is also necessary to change the tooth veneer.

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