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More and more people go abroad every year to treat IVF. It is usually cheaper, and waiting lists in fertility centers do not exist, especially for egg donation clinics. There are many options. For example, for some people, it is preferable to use a small clinic as the medical staff can provide more personalized care. For others, a busy large clinic, capable of providing a wide range of procedures, will provide them with more opportunities. Too many factors to compare so think about what’s important to you and focus on it.

How to choose fertility centers?

As you know, it is very difficult to choose one clinic in all fertility centers. These clinics can vary in different ways:

  • Size (how many people they treat each year)
  • Clinic appearance
  • Range of medical and laboratory equipment
  • Cost of treatments
  • Responsiveness of staff to queries
  • Staffing structure
  • IVF success rates
  • Preferred stage for embryo transfer
  • Accessible location
  • Range of IVF treatments available
  • Multiple birth rate
  • Guarantees in cost or treatment outcomes
  • Egg sharing possibilities (how many recipients are involved)
  • Number of English-speaking staff

There are many fertility centers over the world. However, some countries are considered to be the best. For example, The Czech Republic is one of the most popular countries where patients travel to IVF treatment abroad. There are beautiful cities in the country and a lot of nice places to visit. The cost of treatment is lower than in many places in Europe. There are many fertility centers in the country that accept international patients.

In addition, Greece is always a popular destination for traveling and treatment. It offers great history, weather, and affordable treatment. Great fertility clinics are found over the country. Moreover, Turkey is an inexpensive option for IVF treatment abroad. Fertility centers in Turkey are permitted by law only for the treatment of IVF using own sperm and eggs.




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