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Nowadays, many people have a question: which country is the best to get quality treatment? The countries offering their medical services are sufficient but what to look for first? When it comes to medical tourism, people are lost in a variety of beautiful countries that have better conditions and offers in the medical field than in their home country.  Health tourism is on the rise, and this process includes dozens of countries from Asia and South America to Eastern Europe.(plastic surgery)

While choosing the best country for medical treatment, first you should consider countries in providing high-quality medical services. Patients who resort to the services of foreign medical institutions should know that they would be guaranteed to receive quality diagnostics and treatment, consultations with the most experienced specialists. In chosen countries for treatment innovative methods, equipment, and preparations should be used in the treatment process.

Most Popular Destinations For Treatment Abroad

Eastern Europe

Prices are much lower, both for treatment and for all other services. Many of these destinations are serviced by budget airlines, which makes the trip even more economical. The flight time is also short so clinics in these countries are more convenient if you need to make several trips (for example, if you have infertility treatment).

The Mediterranean Coast

The climate and easy lifestyle create ideal conditions for recovery from surgery or medical treatment, and short flights make a trip easy.

Mexico and Latin America

These countries are good because the prices for treatment can be incredibly low, with high-quality English-speaking clinics aimed at the American market.

Asian Countries

Countries such as Malaysia, South Korea, and the Philippines offer high-quality medical tourism at low prices in some of the world’s best clinics located in exotic tropical areas.

The best countries for medical treatment are those that you would never have thought of. Developing countries have built an excellent medical infrastructure with minimal costs, allowing patients to save about 70-80%. Procedures that will cost six figures in the US and the UK, in other countries will cost 4 times less. In addition, in the best hospitals in popular tourist places, you will find highly qualified staff who are fluent in English. Well, where is it best to carry out expensive surgical operations, plastic surgery, or a simple medical examination?

  • The status of Singapore as the country with the freest economy in the world and a highly developed nation made it a country for medical tourism for both Asians and Europeans. It effectively treats cancer. The World Health Organization placed Singapore at the top of the health system in Asia and the sixth in the world. In Singapore, you will pay more than in Thailand, but the standard of living in Singapore is higher than anywhere else is. If you are looking for a developed and best country for a cheap operation, then Singapore is a good choice. However, at the same time, the flight to Singapore is very long and not cheap; so many patients are forced to look for treatment options in other countries.
  • Mexico is a very famous country for foreigners in need of treatment. Attractiveness and sexuality are extremely important in Brazil so it is not surprising that there are more plastic surgery clinics in the country than anywhere else in the world are. Operations are conducted in hospitals, not in offices and doctors are highly qualified. Until recently, medical tourism in Brazil was at a low level. However, nowadays it is a good option. In Brazil, the lowest medical efficiency in the list, although it is on par with the American. The cost of plastic surgery can be 60% less than in Western countries, and surgeons can cope with any procedure you can dream about. There are even veterinarians who make plastic surgery for pets.
  • Thailand is a world-famous place for medical tourism. In this country, tourism is growing at 16% per year. Many doctors in Thailand have been trained in Western countries and Singapore. All doctors speak English, nurses also know English enough well. Today, Thailand has become a paradise for inexpensive plastic surgery. Plastic surgery of the face, which will cost 15 000 dollars in the US, in Thailand will cost only 2500 – 3000 dollars. At the same time, cardiac surgery costs 25,000 dollars that is 80% cheaper than in the US. Experts recommend going to Bangkok and not to the coastal cities because that is where the best doctors are.
  • To date, Turkey is also on the list of best countries with advanced medicine. You can be confident about the qualifications of doctors, the best equipment, and reasonable prices. In addition, the flight is not as long as it was in Singapore. The clinics of Turkey offer a wide range of medical services in the field of surgery (including plastic), urology, gynecology, dentistry, ophthalmology, gastroenterology. Turkish doctors have mastered all the world’s achievements (robot-surgeon, cyber-knife, laser for complex operations). In addition, Turkish medicine is confidently moving forward, developing new methods of treatment in the field of diabetes, grade II, transplantology, Parkinson’s disease. Comments on treatment in Turkey are mostly positive. Any patient who has applied for help in Turkish medical center is guaranteed to receive:
    1. A full and comprehensive examination, which is carried out on modern equipment.
    2. Treatment with the use of modern techniques.
    3. Comfortable conditions in the case of a hospital stay, etc.
  • If the decision is made to seek help from an Israeli clinic (which is considered of the best countries for treatment), you can be sure that all the necessary assistance will be received and the desired result will be achieved. The use of advanced techniques, the newest equipment, and preparations in the process of treatment allows us to consider Israeli medicine as the best in the world. It should be noted that the cost of services in medical institutions in Israel is much lower than in clinics in Europe or the United States. The level of assistance received in Israel is similar to other foreign clinics and by some parameters exceeds them. Also among the obvious advantages is the lack of a language barrier. Today, most of the staff of Israeli clinics speak English, which minimizes the possible discomfort from being treated abroad.

You should remember that the main factor in the choice of the best country for treatment should be a balance of quality and price. For some, the most important are the highest quality and guarantee, and therefore they go to the most prestigious hospitals in European capitals. For others, the price is the most important factor, and therefore they will pay attention to developing countries, for example, in Eastern Europe, where the quality of medical services is more than good and where prices are among the lowest in the world.

Anyway, there are no restrictions as to where you can seek medical help abroad. It depends only on personal priorities. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that this is a fast-growing market, with new investments and new opportunities opening all the time around the world, so make sure that you make your choice about going abroad for treatment on the latest information.




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