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Hair loss is a scourge for many people in our time, not only men but also women. Especially it is sensitive for those for whom the appearance and care of it are part of the profession. The solution to this problem is known for a long time. This is a hair transplant Turkey. However, there are many questions: what is it, does such an operation hurt, what methods and tools are used, how much does it cost, and who should not do such operations? All answers you can find from Turkey hair transplant reviews.

The practice of hair transplantation has more than half a century. For the first time, questions on transplantation were raised in Japan as early as 1939, and in the sixties of the last century, the first operations were carried out. Such operations became a revolution in medicine and cosmetology, allowing millions of people on the planet to struggle with the “flaws” of their appearance.

Turkey hair transplant reviews about non-surgical method

According to Turkey hair transplant reviews, the operation solves not only problems of people suffering from baldness for some natural reasons but also helps to hide scars, traces of burns, suffered injuries, unsuccessful operations, including facelift (which is now very popular). Then, hair transplant helps to restore the density of hair on the head and the facial part of it (mustaches, eyebrows, and beard) after depilation, tattooing, etc. To date, there are two main methods for hair transplantation. They are operating and non-surgical. Most patients from Turkey hair transplant reviews prefer and choose the non-surgical method.

Although there are no absolute contraindications to hair transplantation, there are number problems why people cannot have the procedure: bleeding disorders and intolerance to anesthesia are common absolute contraindications to hair transplantation.




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