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Why Turkey?

Turkey is known for its diversity of health tourism. Turkey is among the preferred countries in health tourism. Every year, thousands of people visit Turkey to get treatment, to receive a number of health services and to take a holiday. The movement has a significant share in World Tourism Turkey, which is owned by infrastructure facilities, quality health services, human resources, competitive price advantages, government support, geographical location, unique natural and historical resources, favorable climatic conditions combined with quality tourism and world-renowned physicians in the field of Tourism Turkish Medical owns more shares with each passing day.

  • World-class health service quality
  • Competitive price advantages
  • Personal and miscellaneous services
  • Number of accredited health institutions and organizations
  • Short standby time
  • Rich cultural heritage

A wide range of quality and cheap service options

  • Having the most JCI accredited hospitals and health institutions in the world
  • Shorter waiting times for many medical procedures than in Europe, America and many countries
  • Health sector is very well trained, foreign language-speaking doctors have a large number, depending on the medical tourist operations before and after the treatment of all kinds of questions that occur in his head to find answers to
  • Being in the top 10 countries recognized as medical tourism destinations in the world
  • The latest medical applications in cardiovascular surgery, oncology, organ transplantation, neurosurgery, orthopedics, plastic and cosmetic surgery, eye and dental treatments are carried out by specialist doctors.
  • Turkey is an EU candidate country with high and consistent health standards.

Affordable treatment fees

From the reception of the patient from abroad at the airport, to the transfer to the clinics, during and after the treatment procedures, at every stage on the way home, a professional service is provided. Treatment fees are quite affordable and affordable compared to European countries. The fact that labour costs are low in Turkey and most of the materials used in treatments are produced in Turkey is also a factor to this.


Letsmedi was established in 2019 to provide people with a flawless health service within the scope of international health tourism.

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