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At the first stage in the process of getting your new veneers, your dentist first performs a radiographic and clinical examination of the relevant teeth. Before treatment, caries and gum problems on the teeth should be eliminated. After the relevant treatments are provided; zirconium and porcelain veneer dental construction stages are as follows:

First step: Shaping of the teeth to be veneered: after that, the dentist numbs the tooth to be treated by local anesthesia and takes the size of the mouth by shrinking the teeth to provide an area where the veneer can sit. For a single tooth, the reduction process takes approximately 15 minutes. Temporary veneers may take several hours to prepare.

Second step: Preparation of teeth in the laboratory: your doctor sends the measurements taken to the laboratory and your veneer tooth is prepared on the model obtained from this measure. According to the number of veneers made, this period can last from 4 days to 7 days. Before the final veneer is installed, your doctor may call you after a few days to check the color and harmony of your teeth by rehearsing decals.

Third step: Installing veneers: gluing prepared veneers to your teeth is the easiest part of the process. For this purpose, temporary veneers on the teeth are removed and glued by checking the compatibility of new veneers. This last appointment usually lasts around 15 minutes.

If necessary, cleaning and whitening operations can be performed on the neighbors of the teeth that are applied to make the porcelain look more harmonious.

Laboratory stages of the construction of zirconium teeth take 4-5 days with the procedure of cutting teeth, measuring, planning, rehearsal and bonding in the final, the total time is about 1 Week. Zirconium teeth are very resistant to abrasion. They do not lose their color and brightness. The life of the tooth made varies according to the health of the oral tissues, the condition of the existing teeth.

The practical abilities of your doctor and the number of teeth to be applied change the duration of treatment. But in the clinic, shrinking and measuring a tooth for veneer tooth construction is a process of about 20 minutes; for a treatment that includes all teeth, this time is about 2 hours. After the teeth are reduced, the preparation of temporary veneers is 30 minutes in the clinical environment and usually one day in the laboratory. Zirconium and porcelain tooth veneer treatment time that you will prefer for your new teeth may vary depending on how many teeth and what material is selected. Zirconium veneer construction time is slightly longer than porcelain in general:

  • Porcelain veneer construction time; an average of 4 days for one tooth and 7 days for all teeth. As the number of Teeth Increases, you’re processing time in the laboratory and clinic increases.
  • Zirconium veneer construction time; 5 days for one tooth and 9-10 days for a treatment involving all teeth. Treatment times may vary depending on the density of the clinic and laboratory.

Before porcelain teeth are coated, it is necessary to completely clean the inside of the mouth and clean it from caries. All these processes and the proper shaping of the porcelain veneer to the tooth require certain processes. This period, which can be described as applying dental cleaning treatments, filling or root canal treatments, measuring for porcelain veneers, manufacturing porcelain veneers and covering teeth, can last up to about four to five sessions. If the patient’s teeth are quite healthy, the procedure can be completed in one or two sessions. The tooth veneer process is completed within 3 sessions if there are no problems, but depending on the condition of the tooth and the patient, the process can be accelerated and the tooth veneer can be completed in 2 sessions. The important point is that 2-3 days between each session will be better in terms of settling the tooth veneer.

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