The Qunomedical is a digital medical tourism platform based in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2015 by Dr. Sophie Chung, Qunomedical is a digital medical travel hub that provides patients with access to affordable medical treatments. Currently, the platform offers services to patients globally and cooperates with more than 70 accredited clinics in 12 countries. [1]


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Qunomedical has a working group of about 50 people, apart from health centers and doctors. [2] Qunomedical offers patients support service and allow the patients to explore and book a variety of medical and cosmetic treatments, including dental implants, hair transplant surgery, bariatric surgery, and orthopedic treatments. [1]

Qunomedical does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. They provide communication between patients and health centers. They describe themself “Digital health platform connecting patients and doctors worldwide.” Qunomedical liaises with the doctor and clinic on the patient’s behalf to offer a service. [3]

Qunomedical has a Medical Travel Specialist certificate issued by Trust – Effective Medicine – Optimized Services (TEMOS) and Independent Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ). [4]


Qunomedical provides services in the following areas: Plastic surgery, Hair transplant surgery, Orthopedic treatments, Weight loss surgery, Cardiovascular treatments, Dentistry, and Ophthalmology treatments. [5]


Qunomedical has the “Best Medical Travel Agency” award given by The Independent Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) in 2017. [4]



Koray Pisgin

Dr. Koray Pisgin has 9+ years experince dental operations with 5000+ satisfied patients in Turkey.

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